The Great Car Debate

Guys. We have a problem. What are we going to do with my car when we move? Here is our issue:

  • I don’t feel comfortable driving in the snow and/or ice.
  • We don’t want to spend the money to drive two cars  3,000 miles.
  • We aren’t sure if we can be a one car family.
  • We can’t exactly afford a car payment (my current car is paid off).
  • We don’t want to pay $2,000 to ship a car that we were planning on selling soon.

We have been talking about getting me a new car once I get a job. However, that was when we thought we were going to end up in VA or GA, which I would drive my car down and keep it until I could afford a car payment. Now that we are talking a cross-country move, everything changes. Do we put the money into the car so it could drive cross-country? Premium gas does get pricey though and I don’t want to drive alone with Millie as my co-pilot. Do we pay to ship the car and then sell it a few months later (or sooner if I get a job right away)? Do we sell the car here and become a one car family for a little while? Do we sell the car and take on a second car payment once we get out there?

Talk about first world problems.

At this point, we are taking any advice or suggestions because I would honestly rather decide what color to paint my nails.

I told the hubby I would love him forever and ever if this was out in our drive way with a pretty red bow… with never-ending gas gift cards.

We need to figure this out soon because moving day (still TBD) is quickly approaching.


4 thoughts on “The Great Car Debate

  1. Try bring it up on the group I added you too, they’ve been a great resource so far. And ooooooo, a Range Rover, I like it!

  2. Sell the car….hold onto the funds and then decide if you can get another one. Being a one car family is lots of fun and has its moments. You learn a lot about juggling and you can spend lots more time together. We had to go to one car and believe me, it was a challenge but well worth it in the end. when I got my job (then lost it due to lack of government funding, a blog sometime soon) I had saved enough to buy my own car cash. Something to think about as you may be able to buy the one in the picture…cash. Smiles and good luck!

    • Thank you! I think we are going to sell it and see what happens about getting a new one. This is our first “grown up/ marriage” decision so we are scared to mess up.

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