IT Band 2 Ashleigh 0

After my run yesterday afternoon (only 4 miles), I decided it was time to stop living in denial and face the facts. My IT Band is beyond “backing off” and  it is time to do something. My knee hurts. Bad. Just like last time I had IT Band issues.

I am torn between going to physical therapy or taking matters into my own hands. And by my own hands, I mean enlisting the help of my hubby. Perhaps a doctor is my better option. Truth be told, I just don’t want to deal with Tricare this close to the move.

IT Band Syndrome
“ITB syndrome can result from any activity that causes the leg to turn inward repeatedly. This can include wearing worn-out shoes, running downhill or on banked surfaces, running too many track workouts in the same direction, or simply running too many miles. Unlike many overuse injuries, however, ITB pain afflicts seasoned runners almost as much as beginners.

Dr. Pagliano describes most runners with ITB pain as “Type A’s.” “They run high mileage,” he says. “They’re not willing to back off, and they are willing to run through pain.” – Source.

I am going to the doctor this afternoon to see if I can get things rolling so I can get back to running.  I already warned my husband to expect an extremely irritable version of myself for the next few weeks since I already know I am not going to allowed to run.



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