It’s been a while…

I’ve been totally slacking on the blog front. The hubby had a four day weekend that we made the most of getting ready for the move as well as taking a day trip to Vermont with Malia and her husband.

Thursday night we had hibachi with some friends to celebrate a break from work for the guys. This particular restaurant literally squirts sake in your mouth while the cooks says things like “more sake, more ladies”. You can’t make stuff like this up. There is also a Mexican restaurant that gives free tequila shots. New York is a strange place.

We spent most of Friday running errands. We got our move all set up and turned in written notice to our current apartment so we will be out of New York before December. Woo Hoo. 5 weeks to get organized before we head west. The hubby and I are still excited, but we are both getting a little stressed about everything that has to get done before we can leave. I also got to fight with my doctor’s office about the process for referrals with my insurance. I miss having standard (normal people)  insurance sometimes.  I just know my referral for a PT is going to get approved the week we leave. Stuff like that always happens to me.

Malia and her husband were going to Vermont on Saturday and we decided it would be fun to do a day trip together. The hubby and I talked about going since it is driving distance and we (fingers triple crossed) will never live up North again. The drive alone was beautiful – water, mountains and fall leaves.

Sunday was spent playing with the fur babies who were good little kids the day prior.  In fact, they were such good puppies that daddy spoiled them rotten. Boomer got a new bed…

Princess Millie decided she liked Boomer’s new bed better.  More room to sprawl out. Meanwhile, her poor brother…

AND they got a Lickety Stick… bacon flavor. Little Millie was frantically trying to do all of her tricks to get a lick of the deliciousness. We have never gotten one of these things, but the puppy school trainer highly recommend it. While I cannot vouch for the flavor, it smells horrible.
Boomer also got a new Kong (note: Kong pieces are not digestible) and a roadkill raccoon (because Boomer’s became a headless raccoon).

I finally worked out on Monday morning (first time in a few days) and it felt good to get a sweat in. Not running is going to be the death of me… and my waist line this holiday season.  After getting cleaned up, we went to a car dealership to start looking at cars for me. I am sad to see my car go, but it makes the most sense to sell it here than driving it or shipping it to Washington. The rest of the evening was spent watching Mad Men. I am almost out of episodes on Netflix so I already told my husband between not running and no more Mad Men my life is practically over.

Tonight is Boomer’s last puppy school class. If he passes his final (like they wont pass him. It’s a 6 week program…free classes? Yea right) then he will get to participate in the graduation ceremony. Perhaps his graduation present will be 10 licks of the Lickety Stick. What a lucky dog.

I think that basically brings you up to speed. I will post more about our Vermont trip tonight.


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