Stair Master and Physical Therapy

Since I cannot run at the moment, I am taking the opportunity to try out new group exercise classes and equipment. I looked at the class schedule for today and nothing really sounded that interesting so I opted for the stair climber. I attempted to use this machine yesterday and I didn’t realize it required some skill. I assumed it worked like the treadmill, but it is powered like an elliptical. It only moves if you do. Apparently, I did not have the skill to move in a smooth motion, so I quickly jumped off to spare myself embarrassment among the mostly 65 + population that is my gym.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t come home and Google “how to use a stair machine”. This guy is from Atlanta, Georgia (hometown throw down) so he is automatically awesome.

Feeling slightly more confident, I headed straight to the stair climber machine today. After playing around with the settings, I finally got a good flow going.

I only lasted 15 minutes. This machine is no joke and my new machine crush. And it didn’t hurt my IT Band, so I might as well marry it now.

Speaking of IT Band… I finally got everything with my insurance/doctor’s office cleared up and I start PT on Monday. I am so ready to get this ball rolling so I can start running again. No workout ever compares to a great, long run. Oh how I miss thee.

The rest of my day was consumed with reading and studying for my Group Exercise Instructor Exam. This little diva demanded to sit in my lap for most of it. I swear she thinks she is a baby and I was placed on Earth to care to her every desire.



One thought on “Stair Master and Physical Therapy

  1. I tried the stair master. It is like a monster to me. I don’t think I lasted one minute. Of course, like you at first, I did not know what the hootie hoot I was doing. You may have inspired me to try again. 🙂 Maybe….

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