Running Questionnaire

I found this runner questionnaire from and thought I would give it a whirl…

1. Best Run Ever

I think my best run ever was the time I ran the entire Ravenel Bridge (Charleston, SC) and back. Although it was only 5-6 miles, the incline and altitude made it very difficult.

The slope of the new Ravenel Bridge is 4%: the slope to the top is over one mile long (the bridge is 2.5 miles long). – Source

2. 3 words to describe my running

Sweaty.Red.Mess. It doesn’t matter if I run 1 mile or 13 miles, my face is going to be red and my back is going to be a sweaty mess.

3. My go-to run outfit

I am really only concerned about my feet when I run. Injinji socks and Brook’s Pure Cadence shoes go for every long run. As far as tops, I don’t really have a favorite, but  prefer tank tops. I like to wear skirts, but don’t have one in particular that I am crazy about.

4. Quirky habit while running

When songs come on that are either from Dance Marathon or Just Dance (for Wii), I do the moves in my head. Sometimes I catch myself snapping my fingers to the beat. Sometimes I also count the music (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8; 1,2,3,4…). Can’t take the cheerleader out of the girl.

5. Morning, midday, or evening runner

It really just depends. Mostly on the weather, but also where. In the summer – I am an early morning runner and outside. Currently, I am a midday/evening runner indoors (on the treadmill. I don’t do indoor tracks). If I am running inside, I just tend to run whenever I get motivated… or based on TV show times.

6. I won’t run when it’s…

Snow/ice. I’ve actually never done it, but I don’t really want to give it a try either. I actually really like to run in the [light] rain.

7. Worst injury and how I got over it. 

Stress fracture in 2010 which landed me in a cast for 4 weeks. It started out with an IT Band issue in late December of 2009. After going to physically therapy for months, I was finally back into running form in May. I planned on running the Peachtree Road Race on July 4, 2010 and ran too hard, too fast to get back into shape. After running with pain and a swollen ankle for a few weeks, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. The day after the race I was in a hot pink cast.

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when…

During my last half marathon, I wore a blue sparkle skirt. Around mile 6, a man made a comment that “he heard sparkles were in” as he ran past me. Around mile 12 I heard, “sparkly skirt is going to pass us? Go sparkle skirt!” as I passed him. Thank you very much.

9. My next race is…

Nothing on the books. My IT Band is acting up and with the move – I’m not racing until the first of the year when everything gets settled back down. However, I might have to run some of the way to Washington if the dogs start making me crazy. My game plan is to run a 1/2 marathon in April and run a marathon in June.

10.  Potential running goals for 2013

Run my first marathon. It is happening, even if I have to crawl over the finish line.
Complete 10 races.
Injury free.



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