Gearing up for Sandy

Upon checking the weather update this morning, I realized I should probably get more prepared for hurricane Sandy than I am (which is not really at all). We are the yellow star.

At first I headed to BJ’s, but decided I would rather fight the crowds at Walmart. I’m stuck in the we-are-moving-soon-and-don’t-want-to-buy-a-ton-of-food train of thought. However, since the power is “likely” to go out… we are going to need something to eat. While talking to my mom (while riding my bike – best idea ever), we thought it best to go ahead and buy stuff that we can also take as snacks in the car.

Needless to say, Walmart was a complete mad house. I was able to get bread, water, crackers, peanut butter and bananas. Most importantly, I got Dove dark chocolate so I am guaranteed survival for at least 5 days. It is funny to see what people buy when they feel an impending “doom”. Go figure the Twinkies area was completely wiped. That is sure to keep you full for .5 seconds.

I’ve also brought all of our outdoor stuff into our garage, gathered candles and flashlights. I think we are all set. Of course, my hubby has to work tomorrow and Wednesday, so it will just be me, the dogs and Sandy.


My poor purple and pink Huffy bike has sat in the garage for over a month with its bum pedal. After watching the Iron Man World Championship in Kona, Hawaii yesterday, I felt inspired to go for a bike ride/pretend like I am training for a triathlon. I’ll work on biking since I can’t run, right? Anyways, the hubby changed out my pedals and I grabbed my iPhone headphones + phone. A few weeks ago, I realized that the headphones had a microphone built-in to the cord so I could talk to my mom/MIL while working out. Genius I tell you! Every time I go to the neighbor gym, my plans get ruined by some rude person who decided to work out at the same time as me. Not today because I finally did something outside.

I called my mom and headed off for my ride. 10 miles and a little over an hour later, my workout was complete and I talked to my mom about everything I could think of. I got some weird looks from neighbors outside, (who doesn’t talk to themselves while riding their bike?) but it was so worth it. My ride was over before I knew it and I didn’t even get scared when I got turned around the in giant trailer park across the street.


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