October Goal Recap

:: Ashleigh’s October Goals ::

  • Run 40 miles
    Fail. With my IT Band issues, I am trying to be responsible and give it a break.

    I got in 17.55 miles before my leg died. Me and running are probably going to take a break until the first of the year. Even with my IT Band issues, I’ve already run more miles in 2012 than 2011! 
  • Complete 3 different types of group exercise classes
    Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga
    C.A.M.P (cardio and muscle power)
    Boot Camp  <– my body still hurts
  • Get organized for the move (put together binder, have packing game plan, research housing and jobs)
    Movers scheduled
    Binder getting full
    Pretty much done with the home inventory and getting rid of excess
  • Have book 1 (of 2) complete for my group exercise instructor exam. Studying/freaking out are in full swing. Exam is scheduled. Prayers requested. 
  • Take my CPR certification class.  Check. 

Boomer’s goal is to graduate from puppy school top of his class. Check. 

The hubby takes his comprehensive exam in a few weeks, so I will set a goal for him too. PASS THAT $%&# TEST so we can move to the next phase of Navy life! Check. Only two more milestones left. 

And I guess Millie needs a goal too since the rest of the family does. Millie would like to remain the princess of the house and figure out a better game plan to protect her food from Boomer. andddd…

What goals did you meet for October? What are your September goals? 


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