November Goals

Last month I attempted a “blog challenge”… and it lasted about 5 days. This time, I am determined to keep up with it. Since October’s goals were such a success, I figured this should be a new tradition. It worked out nicely that Lisa over at She’s Losing It is hosting a November Writing Challenge and days one is November goals. Nothing makes you want to meet your goals like letting everyone know about them. AKA: I would have never walked into Bootcamp if I didn’t tell people I was going to.

1. Attend 5 group exercise classes this month. Usually not a problem, but things have started getting crazy around here.

2. Have a list of houses ready to go and visits set up for when we get to WA.

3. Make better friends with my bike. I used to ride it all the time, but it sat in the garage for a while. Sunday’s 10 mile ride sparked the bug again.

4. Make some progress on my IT band issue.

5. Still love my husband and two dogs after our 3,000 mile trek from NY to WA. Just kidding. Kind of.

I really don’t have very big goals this month. I guess my main goal is to simply survive the final weeks before the move.


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