November Randoms

Wait. Is it seriously November? Say it isn’t so.

Yesterday my husband thought today was October 1. Yet he knew it was Halloween??? And he knows the Nation’s secrets.

Speaking of Halloween… What does one do on Halloween with a hubby at work, no college party to go to, no party of any kind to go to for that matter and no children??? Take the Millipede for a long walk to see all the kids dressed up.

We were Halloween Scrooges again this year and decided not to buy any candy. A) we are trying to save all our pennies for the move, B) we live in an apartment that is hidden so we didn’t think we would get any kids and C) we would probably have to re-buy all the candy because how long can candy really last before someone breaks down and eats it all?

– – – – – – – – – –

Sandy did make herself known Monday, but we did not have any real damage. Nothing like NYC, a couple of hours away. Millie didn’t care much for the wind, but Boomer had a BLAST. Leaves and trash (Monday morning was trash day) provided ample things to chance throughout the day. When he wasn’t outside, he sat at the living room window watching stuff (like recycling bins) blow by.


The Walmart by our house must have been a meeting spot of utility trucks because Tuesday morning there were tons of them.

– – – – – – – – – –

Tuesday morning, Boomer went in for surgery. It was all fun and games on the way to the vet (read: more wind)…

He came out of surgery just fine except for the fact that he was missing a few of his boy parts. On the car ride back home, he sat in my lap, but the hubby and I agreed he was not totally with us. You could tell he was high as a kite and couldn’t stop drooling. By the end of the ride home, he managed to get his head out the window.

Today, he is back to his old self with a tad more cuddle-bug. He knows the way to my heart.

– – – – – – – – – –

I started physical therapy Monday. The first session was stretching and establishing a game plan. Wednesday, I had a steroid/electrode treatment, but I’m not sure how much it helped. I tried to workout later in the day and I had a very sharp pain in my knee. Hopefully it is one of those gets-worse-before-it-gets-better kind of things. All I know is I need someone to fix me. The PT kept saying, “if you run again”. Oh, he is seriously mistaken. I am a few weeks from signing up for my first marathon so he needs to fix me fast.

– – – – – – – – – –

Just to brag on my husband for a second: Remember how I stated my life was over once I finished Mad Men? Well I did finish the episodes on Netflix the other day. It was touch and go for a second, but my husband surprised me with Season Five with the condition I watch them with him. Of course he is working nights this week…



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