Day 2: Holiday poundage

Today is day 2 of the November writing challenge brought to you by She’s Losing It!

Give 5 strategies you are using to keep the holiday pounds off.

Here are my (probably not so helpful) tips for avoiding the holiday-15 (think freshmen 15 with less beer and more turkey)

1. Move a few days after Thanksgiving.
A) I don’t really want to pull stuff out.
B) I don’t really want to ride in a car for 5 days feeling like a stuffed sausage.
C) I’m really just too stressed out to cook a ton of food.

2. Spend Christmas on the opposite coast from your friends and family.
A) I don’t really want to pull stuff out.
B) I’m not cooking a huge Christmas dinner for two.
C) We probably will be in a hotel anyway.

3. Don’t “fight” temptations. If you want a cookie, have a cookie. It will (usually) prevent you from having 24 cookies after you say, “screw will power!”

4. Modify classics to make them slightly less bad for you. Cooking Light and The Biggest Loser Cookbook often have great recipes that will save a few calories.

5. Don’t forget Thanksgiving and Christmas are only once a year so it is okay to enjoy the good food!

Other ideas:

– go for a long walk with family after eating. My mom, grandmother and I walk together – burns calories and it is time spent together.

– Shop ’til you drop. Walking around the mall while carrying bags (dad, think of all the money we saved!!!) is sure to burn calories, right?

– Place to run a race on Thanksgiving morning to clear some calories prior to eating.

What are your tips for keeping the holiday pounds off?


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