To Vermont we go

***we went to Vermont 1,000 years ago, but I kept forgetting to do the post. Better late than never.

Nothing like waking up and saying, “let’s go to Vermont today!”

It didn’t go down exactly like that, but almost.

We had talked to Malia and her husband about going, but we never made any real plans. We woke up Saturday morning and said, “let’s go!”… so we hopped in the car and drove.

During a pit-stop someone dropped Salt and Vinegar Pringles in the hubby’s car… I am lucky to still be alive.

Our first stop was to the Shelburne Museum. They had numerous exhibits; the Robots exhibits and the steam boat, Ticonderoga, we among our favorites.

Our second stop was to the Magic Hat Brewery for a tour. When we arrived, they were having an Octoberfest so we opted for beer samples instead of education.

After everyone had a belly full of beer, we decided there was only one thing that could make the day better…ice cream! We toured the Ben & Jerry’s Factor, had ice cream (obviously) and walked around the flavor graveyard.

We ended the night with dinner in Burlington and headed back home.

To be completely honest, nothing in Vermont was really that exciting. It was a fun day trip, but not somewhere we would go again. Vermont has lots of deers, farm land and rainbows. We never did find any gold… I guess we will settle for beer and ice cream.

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