Nothing really exciting happened today.

Unless you count vacuuming out two cars (Mine because we are trying to sell it. My hubby’s because someone dropped a can of Pringles in the back seat) and buying new sheets. To spice up my Saturday night, I cleaned up the paper confetti mess from the paper shredder since I made quite the mess this afternoon. The paper shredder should really give you more notice that the bin is full. When I took the lid off, paper exploded from the basket; it was a mini- new year’s celebration in our bedroom. Boomer thought it was awesome. The hubby did not.

I lie. Something exciting did happen today. I found a dollar + change and an almost new stick of Body Glide! In an effort to make some rhyme or reason of our garage (aka: dumping ground), I started packing up a few things. I’m not supposed to pack anything before the movers come per Navy “rules”, but I am just going to pretend that everything was already nicely organized in labeled bins from day one. To be fair, some stuff was still packed from our move here. Anyways, I collected all of my bags to wash. I love having nice clean things in a new home. Checking the pockets uncovered lots of treasures.

How this item made it past my checkpoint is beyond me. The picture is 100% real, not staged.
I don’t think Border Control will be knocking on my door anytime soon.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a married to a night shift working military man lady spends a Saturday.

What did you do that was exciting today? 


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