Bone War III

I should be studying for my Group Exercise Instructor exam… so it sounded like a good time for a blog post.

Great news!!! I used the elliptical for 10 whole minutes pain free today! A month ago, I would be embarrassed by 10 minutes on the elliptical  but this is huge due to my recent IT Band issues. I still have a lot of work to do, but this morning was the first sign of progress. My last physical therapist was of the “deep massage” train of thought while my current one prefers heat and stretching. While this time around is less painful, I found myself getting frustrated with going to therapy to stretch for 45 minutes. Oh, well. Whatever can get me back in the game. I’m not a good at not working out.

Bone War III

You know how some parents use TV to distract kids to get work done? Well, I thought buying bones for the fur babies would be a good idea. Look at how excited they were:

The hubby and I sure do pick cute kids. Just sayin’.

Anyways, the sheer joy lasted until Millie needed to potty. As I let her out the door, Boomer was going to town on his big bone. Millie is not quick when it comes to her potty breaks – she must frolic around in the grass to find the perfect spot to pee. Finally, we made it back inside. Her bone was only about an inch big and Boomer’s bone was safely hidden in his bed. Millie declared Bone War III for the rest of Boomer’s bone.

Boomer, being the baby of the family, waived his white flag and came running to mommy to pout.

And that is how the bone was won. The End.


4 thoughts on “Bone War III

    • Thank you! We knew nothing about Brittany spaniels before we got him and we are thrilled. They have the best personalities.

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