Bye, bye baby.

How I acquired a BMW…

When I turned 16, my parents bought me a nice (probably too nice for a 16 year old) car. [not a BMW in case you were wondering] In my family, you get one nice car on the parents and the next one is on you. It was a red sports car and all of the boys were jealous.

Six years later, I was still driving the same red sports car. It had a few new scratches… it happens… and a mind of it’s own. Some days it ran just fine, and other days I was stranded at a gas station because it randomly wouldn’t start. Then there was the time I got two flat tires in one week. Probably not the car’s fault, but let’s just pretend.

Luckily, I had a boyfriend who wanted a new diesel car, but had a pesky BMW he bought when he joined the Navy. We sold my car, I started making the car payment on the BMW and my boyfriend bought himself a new car. Everyone was happy and my coworkers were confused when I rolled up in a BMW.

When we received orders to Washington, we were unsure what to do with the BMW. It was going to need a little work prior to driving 3,000 miles and 3,000 miles worth of premium gas hurts. So, we decided it was best to sell the car and either buy or lease a new one once we arrive in Washington.

We didn’t think the car would sell that fast because we only posted it on a few websites. Well, last week it sold… and I cried. 


I know I will get a new-to-me car once we arrive in Washington, but it’s hard not having a car. I am currently housebound and starting to go a little stir-crazy.

That is only to be expected when you are with these two crazies Boomer.

Okay, look at the picture of the fur babies on the couch and then look at the picture in my blog’s header. Can you believe how much Boom Boom has grown?


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