Santa Came Early

I have been wanting a good camera for a while now. I made sure both my parents and my husband knew about it too. So, boy was I excited when my husband told me we were going to Best Buy (instant eye-roll because he can spend hours in that store) for ME!

Santa thought I could use a new camera for our cross-country road trip. I’m sure glad he thought of that.

Yesterday, I went downtown to play with my new toy.

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I hope to take a photography class once we get to Washington so I can actually know how to use my fancy camera.

I must say, I am going to miss this place… but not the weather. It was 18 degrees when I woke up this morning!!!




8 thoughts on “Santa Came Early

  1. Eeek!! SO Exciting!!!! I get the same reaction when it comes to best buy. My bf boy a tv 2 years ago and it was a month of being there day in and day out for hours at a time. Its still a difficult time to remember…. I’m excited to see your pictures!!!

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