I’m Certified!

I PASSED my group exercise instructor exam!!!!! 

I know you are probably rolling your eyes thinking, “so you did a few Jazzercise moves and knew about warms-ups?”  That is totally what I thought this exam was going to be about, but boy was I wrong! I can tell you (almost) every joint type, the muscles and bones that make it up, what plane they move in and exercises that utilizes that joint. I can also tell you that if you are a female over 55 years old and have hypertension you are at moderate risk for cardiovascular issues while exercising so you would need a physical before participating in vigorous exercise. Whew! I am so happy to have that behind me. I wish I could say that I nailed the test and passed with ease, but that would be stretching the truth.

For starters, it only took me two books, a 2 in notebook full of notes and a small forest worth of notecards to even study. I guess I should add the computer so I could look up medical terms that were way beyond me.

It took me almost two hours to complete my 115 question exam. I felt like there were only 10 questions I knew I knew. There were about 15 that I knew I didn’t know and the rest were I-hope-this-is-the-right-answer or “when in doubt, put ‘c'”. After I hit “end exam”, I starting consoling myself that lots of people take exams that they studied really hard for and don’t pass.

That is when this beautiful screen appeared:
I’m pretty sure I did a happy dance for the rest of the day. What a huge relief to have that behind me… and that I don’t have to pay back the Navy for not passing 🙂 I’m not sure what I am going to do with this certification, but at least for the next three years, I have it as a “fall back” or something to do on the side for extra shopping money.

Ironically, I have not worked out since I passed my exam (on Wednesday) so I am going to fix that today.

P.S: I have lots of updating to do. The hubby qualified for nuclear power (huge!!!), we had Friendsgiving, we went Black Friday shopping, it is the first snow of the season today and the movers come on Monday. So get ready for a lot of updates!

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