Black Friday Shopping

As soon as my husband mentioned that he had never been Black Friday shopping, I knew we were going. Seriously, what is more fun than people fighting over mattress pads (a hot 8:00pm sale item at Walmart) on a Thursday night? Nothing.

Around 7:45pm, we headed over to the Walmart down the road. We had no intentions of actually shopping, so we figured this was our best people watching destination. We had to park the car at a hotel across the street because the entire parking lot was full. This is about the point we knew we were in for a treat.

By the time we walked in the store, the 8:00pm sales had just started.

We remembered that Boomer needed a new bone, so we headed straight for the pet area before people started snatching up everything. Turns out, we were the only people. I know, weird.

We did know Walmart had a good deal on little cameras, so we decided to stand in line and see if we got one. I just got a really nice DSLR from my parents and husband for Christmas, but I wanted to replace my little one that got messed up while trying to snap a few pics during Superstorm Sandy. 100% a true story even if nobody believes me. Anyways, we did end up getting a Nikon S3200 for $70.00 which I am calling a win. They usually retail for $140.

My favorite part from Walmart was when the TV’s went on sale and the entire place went crazy. The hubby and I thought a fight had broken out, but another spectator informed us that the TV’s had just gone on sale. 

We finally left Walmart around 10:00pm and were on a Black Friday high. We decided to head over to the mall to see what we could see there. Other than people cheering when Old Navy opened, nothing too eventful happened over there. I did get in trouble for walking on a treadmill in Sear’s. Seriously, don’t have a treadmill with Google Maps that lets you run anywhere in the world turned on if you don’t want someone to play on it. I told my husband we needed to find Santa so I could add this treadmill to my list.

I knew we wouldn’t make it through the night without going to Best Buy. So a little after 12:30am, we were navigating the throngs of people there. Of course, we didn’t make it out of the store empty-handed. No surprise there. After waiting in line to checkout for 1.5 hours (I am so not kidding) we headed home around 3:00am.

All in all, it was very successful night both for shopping and people watching

Do you have any good Black Friday stories? 



3 thoughts on “Black Friday Shopping

  1. I have and will not ever go out on Black Friday. I don’t even like going to the store when things are not crazy. Too much chaos for me. Sounds like you guys had a great time and got in on some good deals. 🙂

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