Packing & Shipping day!

I’m awkwardly sitting in the corner of my kitchen typing this because it is packing and shipping day!

Yesterday, I worked my butt off getting everything ready for the move. According to my husband “everything for the move will fall into place.” Right… if you have a wife 🙂 It was a lot of mental work to get everything together to camp out in our apartment for a few more days, get all of the dogs’ stuff together, pull out stuff we need in WA until our household goods arrive… oh, and all of this has to fit in the trunk of our car! I think I have it all together. Or we might just be throwing stuff away before we pull out of NY.

ziplock baggies are a must when trying to cram clothes into a suitcase.

The first crew, the packers, showed up this morning and hit the ground running.

I better keep this post short because I have a growing pile of boxes surrounding me. Makes me tired just watching them 🙂

Boomer is mad that they packed up his blankets… and they are aren’t taking his sister.

I might join him in a second because they just told me they can’t move my wine. All 13 bottles!

I like to think Boomer is saying, “It’s okay sis. Mommy and Daddy are going to take us with them.” 

But my dad’s idea is probably more accurate: “Here, I’ll hold her down while you wrap her up!”

The second crew, the shipping people, will show up this afternoon to take it all away.

In other news…

We had our first “snow” of the season over the weekend. I hoped we would get a covering, but no such luck. It started snowing again last night, but nothing stuck. We are supposed to get snow again tonight, so maybe we can get a little something for the dogs (and me) to play in.



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