Graduation & Goodbyes

I’ve been writing from the road, but keep forgetting to publish the posts before I hit the sack at night.

(12/28 – 12/29)

Graduation was much like any other graduation only the graduates had to stand at attention or parade rest the entire ceremony.


As soon as graduation was over, we finished up at our apartment, did the walk through and turned in our keys. We decided to stay at a hotel for our last night in Saratoga Springs so we could get a good night sleep. After a week on an air mattress, a real bed felt so, so good.

We met up with some of our friends at our favorite restaurant, Druthers, for our last meal together. I attempted to eat enough mac ‘n cheese to keep me full on the road and I came pretty close. Saying goodbye to everyone was sad and it is strange to think we may never see some of these people again, but I guess this is all part of the military lifestyle.

Friday morning, the hubby did all of the necessary procedures to detach from NY while I got in a very short, but oh so good, run. Millie had a complete meltdown before we left the hotel and Boomer had no idea what was going on but figured he should freak out too since Millie was. We loaded up the car and hit the road saying goodbye to New York.

At least the state sent us out in true NY fashion: photo 1


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