Day 1: Saratoga Springs, NY to Cleveland, OH

(12/30) New York sent us out in true New England fashion – very cold and snowing. Luckily, the roads were fine until we hit the Buffalo area when conditions deteriorated quickly. Even with salt on the road, it felt like there was a wreck every 1/2 mile. So, we crawled through Buffalo thankful for our South Carolina license plate. People should have pity on people who never drive in snow. We have a palmetto on our license plate for goodness’ sake! We were able to get ahead of the snow storm on onto roads that had been plowed after about 45 minutes.

picstitch (1)

After the snow incident, we made it easily to our first stop in Cleveland. Well, Millie and Boomer fought over the dog bed and Boomer accidentally sat on Millie which didn’t go over too well. We ditched the dogs as soon as we arrived at the hotel to head to the place I have dreamed about for the last 6 months…

photo 1 (2)

It was just as good as I remembered it. Too bad there aren’t Chick-fil-a in Washington. Those people are really missing out.


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