Day 5: Home Sweet Hotel

Better late than never I guess. Let’s go back to day #5

You know how on the last day of a trip all you can think about is how good your bed is going to feel? I had that moment last night until I remembered that we don’t have a home to go to once we arrive so it will be yet another night in a hotel. And by “night” I mean until we find a house.

I’ll back up to day 5 of driving…

(12/4) After the long drive the day before, I was so thankful for a short drive on the last day. The dogs were too.

We woke up to rain, which was fitting since we were in Washington after all. The southern part of the state is farmland as far as the eye can see. It was still much more populated than other states we have traveled through.

DSC_0285 DSC_0288

As we got about half way through the state, it turned into snow covered mountains.


Finally, we started to see water and “Bremerton” on the signs. As soon as we got within 20ish miles, the sun started shining – it was a nice welcome.


“They are here! Break out the rainbows!” – Washington State

First impression of Bremerton/Silverdale: Not at all what I expected, but not in a bad way. It almost seems like island living – which makes sense since it is a peninsula. Houses are stacked into the mountain sides as high and as tight as they can get them. I love the bay view – it is so nice living near water again.

We started housing hunting the afternoon we arrived. The first house was very cute, but our stuff would never have fit. The agent took us to a house that she hadn’t even listed yet and it was adorable. It even came with a huge backyard and a man cave. We probably would have jumped on it, but the kitchen was microscopic and didn’t have a dishwasher. The next day we looked at 7ish properties and found the winner. I’ll give you a tour once I have it presentable. Here is a sneak peek.

Despite a house full of boxes, we have our tree up!

Despite a house full of boxes, we have our tree up!



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