Christmas Break

Well, it’s been a while since I last blogged. I’m going to pretend it was because I was relaxing from a stressful work schedule and spending time with family. Only part of that is true.  This Christmas was a little weird, but I’ll get to that in a second.

We are getting settled into our new house and I have been working feverishly to make it a home. It’s equal parts OCD and the reality of deployments. The best part of moving from a one bed, one bath apartment into a three bed, 2 bath home is all the space. Read: all the decorating. I’ll post some pictures here once I get things how I like them. I plan on painting soon, which I know will make a huge difference.

I also have a ton of projects in the works: new door wreath, curtains for the guest room, master bedroom and kitchen, new pillows for the couch, building a headboard for the guest bed… I’ve also completed a few projects (I’ll blog about those when I get a chance): napkin pillow for the guest room, curtains for the study, a few thrift store finds…

Millie and Boomer are liking their new home. Millie is happy her couch is here and Boomer loves to find a stick on every walk. Apparently he has become quite the rule enforcer too: IMG_1146I can hear him now… “She said SIT!!!”

Christmas My family is full of traditions. Every Christmas Eve we go to Granny’s house (I’m southern, y’all). We have chicken casserole for dinner and we open a present – always PJ’s for myself, my mom and my Granny. Christmas morning we open presents from Santa, have breakfast and then go to my cousin’s house. The evening ends back at my Granny’s house for family presents with all my aunts/uncles and cousins.

Last year, the hubby and I did Christmas separate because we knew it would probably be our last ones with our families. We were right. This was our first married Christmas and my first away from my family and tradition. We opened gifts in the morning, had cinnamon rolls and OJ for breakfast (a real treat because we are too cheap to buy OJ normally) and made and delivered cookies for other sailors having to work. Then I got working in the kitchen to cook us a big lunch/dinner for two. It’s worth mentioning that we did get snow for about an hour… technically a white Christmas! DSC_0498IMG_1164 Actually, I have a bone to pick with all of you “it never snows in Bremerton” people…. see above picture and this one from a few days before Christmas: IMG_1128   The snow did give me the opportunity to nail my husband with a snowball while leaving dinner. He called me a child and then tried to shove snow down my pants. Seems to be a double standard. I guess it never snows here. Except when it does. We ended our evening watching movies on the couch with the pups. DSC_0511IMG_1187IMG_1159IMG_1153DSC_0541 I’ll leave you with this picture I took this morning. I’m still deciding on our house, but I die for this view! IMG_1191

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