Grave Marker Collage

Good Morning! 1-DSC_0648I woke up bright and early yesterday morning because I was very excited to paint the office/craft room. I knew I wanted to paint the room grey, but I wasn’t married to a particular shade. I found a mis-mixed gallon of grey paint for 5 bucks so I scooped it up and headed home to start prepping my walls. I’m still working on an accent wall and then I’ll post the pictures. The color is very light,  but I think it makes the room feel fresh and clean.

While my paint was drying I headed to the thrift store to get a big picture frame. I seriously need to start working and going on long runs so I can control my current DIY obsession. I love thrift stores because you never know what you will find.
photo 2Why yes, I would love your collage of grave markers.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –photo-002

I haven’t talked about running in a while. We got a hot and heavy at the end of last year and then had to take a break when I got hurt. After physical therapy and taking about three months off, my pink tennis shoes are making a come back. It’s amazing how much endurance you can lose. I started off with 1 mile runs and progressed to two miles pretty quickly. I wont lie. Three miles has been tough.

I’ve had to stick to the treadmill for the most part due to the doom and gloom of Washington weather. A big part of long runs is the ability to “turn your brain off”. Luckily, the gym on base is perfect for brain training. There is one TV in the entire gym and the treadmills are lined against a white wall. You literally have to run with you face two feet from an old, white wall. I’m trying to convince the hubs that I need his new Kindle Fire for my runs more than he needs it on the submarine.

Right now I am having to remind myself that I love running, but most of my runs are hard. I am holding out for that moment when running is fun again and I have a good base.


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