(Wo)Man Cave Updates

Hello! Check out what I’ve been up to:

1-DSC_0672After poking around Pinterest for a few days, I decided to try a striped wall. After my score on cheap paint I thought the craft room would be the perfect place to try this trend. I got really nervous when I started to measure everything out, but I am so happy I went for it.

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the walls are light grey.
1-grey wallThe paint is still wet… I’m not that bad of a painter. 

After letting the room dry, I got to work measuring and taping lines on the wall. Next time (I already have plans to do something similar in the living room or kitchen) my hubby will help. Pretty walls are just as important as work, right? 🙂

1-tapeAll of the lines were making my eyes cross, so I put tape inside the area that would not get painted. That window is dumb and makes making lines very difficult. Obviously that first line under the window did not match up so I had to play with the lines to get the spacing right on each side of the window. There is an inch difference in ceiling height on the left and right.

After calling it good enough, I got to painting. I bought a sample size of white paint and mixed in some of the left over grey paint. I ended up paying less than $10 to paint this room.

1-ta daThe trick to getting nice lines is to pull the tape off right after the second coat goes on. If the paint dries, the tape might pull color off the wall. Another trick is to not have popcorn walls. I had to touch up some of the dark grey paint because the tape pulled the popcorns off. I think it was for the better anyways. The hubby and I agreed that if we owned this house, the popcorn would be the first thing to go.

1-DSC_0667I was worried that the stripes and my curtains would be too much, but I think they look okay together. I have some green curtains left over from our huge bay window in NY, so I might put them up instead. 
1-before and after


I think the stripes dress the room up and is a great solution to making a rental house feel like “our home”.


5 thoughts on “(Wo)Man Cave Updates

  1. LOVE it, I’m so jealous that you guys get to paint your house and everything. Can’t wait til we get there and I so want my own office.

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