Distance PR’s

Last night I finally got 3.5 miles on the treadmill. That’s my longest run since September and it hurt so good. It actually didn’t hurt so much, but the Navy saves money on TV’s and AC. The cardio room is the hottest, most humid room I’ve ever been in. At least I lose water weight just by walking in the room. I quickly realized I need to focus on drinking more water during my runs or I will never last.

Boomer also set a distance personal best today of 2 miles. We have had very cold, windy and rainy weather for the past few days until yesterday when the sun came out. When I woke up this morning and the sun was coming up again I knew I needed to take Boom Boom for a good walk. The poor little guy really needs better walks to spend some energy but his momma doesn’t like the rain.

The Cedar Creek Trail in Silverdale was recommended so I decided to check it out. I cannot wait to come back to run the trail. I am also planning on bringing Boomer back to start training him to run. I’ve read that you can start with short runs at 9 months so we are almost there. I figure once we master not saying hello to everyone it will be time to start running.

1-DSC_0001 1-DSC_0005 1-DSC_0007He did so awesome on the walk that I figured I could be nice and let him run around the dog park at the trail head. There were tons of bigger dogs playing and he could use some socialization with dogs his own size. My main concern was getting him back when I was ready to go. I just knew I would be the crazy lady trying to catch my dog.

I took a deep breath, let him off his leash and told him to have fun.

Boomer didn’t move.

A few little dogs came up to him so I figured he would be fine. The poor little guy wouldn’t leave my side. After he got some loving from a human, I figured we would try again later. I guess he takes after his mom and gets overwhelmed being surrounded by a ton of new people.

At any rate, he is wiped out so it was a successful mission and a great way to spend a rare sunny, albeit cold, day. photo (1)

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