Saturday Phone Dump

I am constantly snapping pictures on my phone. Usually of Millie and Boomer. Sometimes of my hubby doing something funny. But then the pictures just stay on my phone. Or texted to my mom. So, I decided to start a Saturday phone picture dump.

photo 1

A rare moment of peace-and-quiet-with-both-dogs-in-one-room. Please ignore the cramped furniture. Our new TV stand is on back order.

photo 2

My fur babies checking out the frozen puddles/ice staking. Boomer was confused why Millie could walk on the frozen water and he couldn’t. It’s called 25 extra pounds, buddy.

photo 3

Boomer is a chewer of all things “his” – thank goodness. The things he can do to plastic bones is impressive. The larger one is only a few days old.

photo 4One last dog picture. Am I turning into a crazy dog lady??? Boomer loves Washington because there is always a stick to eat while walking. This is one of his larger finds. However, he has dragged a branch with leaves still on it before. Of course, this was the one walk I didn’t have my phone/camera on me.



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