We are in the “real” Navy now

IMG_6504 copy-001I’ve gone back and forth about blogging about my husband’s deployments during deployments. However, now that one is here I think it is something that I need to write about. This isn’t the first time he has been away during our relationship. After dating for about six months, he left for Officer Candidate School for four months. During the first 2 -3 months, we could only communicate via snail mail. It was hard to not speak to him, but I cherish those letters. I am sure the mailman is happy to have one less stalker.

A week after we got married, he left again for two months for more training. We were able to talk, email and Skype throughout the entire time apart.

Then I was spoiled and had him for 8 months with no fear of having to leave. Sure, rotating shift work stunk, but at least I got to see him.

Now I find myself in a new home, in a new city on the opposite side of the country with a deployed husband. This was so not the plan. I knew he was going to deploy often and without much notice, but gezz. Can’t a girl get settled into a new home first?

Anyways, I’ve done my crying and moping. Now it’s time to buckle down and kick deployment #1’s trash! (or something like that)

To keep myself busy I’ve started applying for jobs, signed up for a marathon in June, convinced my parents to come visit me next month (it was really hard to talk them into that 😉 ) and started taking a “Navy Spouse 101” course. After the first day I already have so many new resources and I kicked butt in the “guess the rank” game!

The good new is, I don’t have to plan real dinners (brown rice and sweet peas mixed together with tons of garlic powder anyone?) and I can go to the gym for as long as I want. I also don’t have to shave or wear makeup so it’s not all bad.

With Millie and Boomer, organizing the pantry (because yes, I did do that on a Friday night) and starting a life in Washington, the hubby should be home in no time.





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