Finally! The spark I needed.

I complain about the base gym. A LOT. It’s hot. It’s humid. The equipment is limited. It’s full of stinky boys. There are zero TV’s. It’s horrible. The only perk is that it cost us nothing so that was reason enough to like it.

Today, I walked into the gym and the front desk lady told me the best news ever. The renovation was over and I could use the main room.


There are approximately 1,518 treadmills, multiple stair climbers and ellipticals. It was a run day for me, so I found a treadmill near the window that looked cool.

photo 1-008This treadmill has a “coach” that will talk to you throughout your run, a bunch of different screens (or views) to pick from and had various workout modes. I chose to run “outside” for 3 miles. Throughout my run the incline would change slightly to mimic going up and down hills.  I decided to do level one today since I had never done it before, but I will bump it up a tad next time. My favorite part was the stats at the end of the 2-008

I feel like I need to defend my pace since my walking cool down is included in that number. I wish it split out the workout and cool down. Still no TV’s, but instead of running with my face in a white wall, I can now look outside. Much better.

A spin bike caught my eye as I was leaving that I am going to try tomorrow. It had a huge screen between the handlebars that said “take a spin class”. I’m assuming there are programmed classes on the bike. I’ve very excited to try it tomorrow. The new equipment has me excited to workout – something I haven’t felt in a while. Oh, and it has AC which prevented getting sick like my last run. (Sorry mom, I’m not pregnant 😉 )

I ran to the NEX after my workout to grab a few supplies to make a kitchen “command” center. Having to run the household is making me a little stressed and I need one place to keep everything organized. The NEX had a whole section of local goods that were really neat.  I found my new favorite t-shirt in this section too. photo 3-007

photo 4-001

This little boy got him a tennis ball. I’m pretty sure I had a “mommy moment” yesterday. I was rolling my feet on MY ball – it’s the only tennis ball I have because somebody likes to destroy toys. Boomer wanted it so badly and in a moment of weakness I gave it to him. The ball has not left his sight since. I figured I’m not being that selfless since I have money to buy myself a ball and Boom Boom doesn’t.



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