Bringing you up to speed

Week one of marathon training is on the books. I skipped one of my runs, but it was for a good reason. My friend’s daughter turned 1 so I had to help celebrate. I had so much fun picking out her gift – mostly because it gave me an excuse to go in the baby section of Target. The party was fun, but I realized how much work kids are. It’s funny how differently I look at babies now that I am “of age”.

photo 1 (1)

On Friday, the sun came out. You can laugh, but I’ve realized this is a major life event here.

photo 1Even though I see these ships every time I leave my house, I still think they are really cool. You realize how huge carriers are when they sit behind a parking lot making cars look like toys. I couldn’t even get the entire ship in the picture.
photo 2

I found an American flag on sale so I grabbed it for our house. We already had the mount, so all I had to do was assemble the flag and put it up. However, if my husband asks, I had to hang over the edge with a drill to painstakingly put that flag up. Okay? 
photo 3 (1)

photo 3So…. I found this flyer in the gym for a self-paced month-long triathlon. It is my understanding that you keep a log of your runs, bike rides and swims until you complete the totals for each. I think I am going to do it, but the swim scares me. I know I’m not very good and I worry that I look like an idiot while I swim.

Funny husband story: The Navy requires different fitness tests. One being a swimming test. Makes sense. I just assumed that my husband sort of knew how to freestyle and that was how he completed the test. The boys were laughing about my hubby doing a backstroke for the test. Apparently, everyone thought he was joking around, but that is the only stoke he knows how to do. And he owned it. Can you picture everyone swimming in the pool and my husband doing the back stroke? That is why I love him. 

My dilemma is that I know I will run at least 26.2 miles in February and I can bike for my cross training days. However, 2.4 miles swimming is terrifying. I have a few more days to think about it, but I’m pretty certain I am going to do it.

I’ve also found a group of Navy wives that run so I am SUPER excited about that. We are going to run a St. Patty’s race together once we determine the distance (5k or 10k). I’m pulling for the 10k because it fits nicely in my training plan but the world doesn’t revolve around me. I’m still trying to figure out how to make that happen.


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