Crane pose goal

The night before the hubby deployed, we were laying in bed – he was trying to sleep and I was reading blogs. I came across a blog written by an Army wife that loves yoga. She was talking about how her husband came to yoga with her and was able to get into the Crane pose on the first night. I started to study the picture and the pose didn’t look too hard. I mean, what do I know? I go to yoga sometimes because they say it’s good for runners. I woke the hubby up and asked him if the pose looked hard and he said I could probably do it. This led to an impromptu yoga session in our room. I couldn’t even get my feet off the floor. The one time I got the guts up to attempt to push off I came .5 seconds from a face plant. Then the hubby got in the floor to try. He couldn’t do it either. Then we tried him holding my waist until I got both feet of the ground. Fail. We finally gave up and decided maybe the pose it a little harder than it looks.

I hadn’t really thought about it again until I decided to do P90X Yoga yesterday after my run. That stupid pose was on the DVD!!!! I got much closer yesterday, but I still can’t do it. The worst part is that my arms are so sore today from attempting it so many times. I’ve decided that is one of my goals for this deployment. I want to impress the hubster with my crane pose when he gets home. I know he will be so proud of me đŸ™‚



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