Getting through deployment #1

Time is starting to move faster now, but the end of this deployment still feels ages away. I’m trying to keep myself busy and I’ve been meeting a lot of new people. It’s so strange to think that when the hubby deployed we knew basically no body and now I am starting to hang out with the same group of girls quite often. The hubby will come home to a whole group of friends. Luckily, most of the girls’ husbands are also deployed so all they guys should be returning around the same time.

This deployment would be a lot easier if I could actually talk to my husband. Having no way to communicate with him is tough, but hopefully this will be the only deployment where we can’t talk. Usually subs allow email communication. It’s also strange that when he gets home, we will never be able to talk about what he did. I’m sure he will have to shut me down because it’s such a natural thing to ask what he did while he was gone.

Before the hubby left, he told me to think about what I wanted to do for our 1 year wedding anniversary (because, yep, he is missing that). I didn’t really have any ideas until everyone started talking about the Sub Ball; aka: Navy Prom but you are allowed to drink and don’t go home to your parent’s house after 😉 This year, the Sub Ball is in Seattle so I figure we can make a fun “staycation” out of it. I already booked our hotel (right on the water) and my mom and I will go dress shopping when my parents come next week. I typically go for short dresses since I am so short, but this is a very formal event. I am really excited to get dressed up and have a fun night.

Training is still going great. I had a tough long run on Friday, but my shake out run on Sunday was much better. I just did yoga tonight because my shoulders and back are still very sore from rock climbing on Saturday.

Plus, I got an arm workout today when I decided I didn’t need a man around to attack the overgrown bush outside. If anyone asks, I don’t know who cut the bush so weird.

The rest of my night looks like this: Biggest Loser + cuddle time with my furbabies.
photo 1


2 thoughts on “Getting through deployment #1

  1. Ahhh, I have the perfect place you could go to, to get your dress! Its pretty far south from where you are though. Its called Doria’s, I got my ring dance dress from there and I’ll be wearing it again for the Navy Ball. Sadly, Andy will be missing out on that … Womp womp.

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