Salty advice


3 peaceful morning milesphoto

As a new military spouse, I am always seeking out advice about how to survive in this crazy world from “salty” spouses. One of the best things someone could have ever told me was this:

“Any duty station can suck if you make it. Any duty station can be awesome if you make it.”


When we first showed up to Bremerton, the hubby and I got scared. Most of the buildings could use some TLC and we were overwhelmed by the amount of stuff – houses and businesses – crammed on this¬†peninsula. We could no longer have the “this is temporary” mentality, this was home for the next three years. The first week or so was rough – rain and snow and fog and more rain. Once we got settled into our house, started getting the lay of the land and meeting people, the better I started feeling. I’ve learned with Bremerton, you deal with the rain because when the sun comes out…

sunrise… you are in for a real treat.




2 thoughts on “Salty advice

    • Thank you Lydia. We have been here for almost 3 months now and I love this place! I told my parents I could see us staying here after the Navy.

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