Silverdale Waterfront Park

Something crazy happened today. I got a [tiny] sunburn!!! Not because it was that sunny… mostly because I am that pale. I met a friend at Silverdale Waterfront park and we headed out for a 4.5 mile trail run followed by lunch overlooking the water. Afterwards, I headed back to the park to do my “homework”. I am taking a photography workshop to learn how to get out of Auto Mode on my fancy camera. I gathered some driftwood and started messing with settings on my camera to see how they effected the picture. I am super visual so I wrote down my settings and stuck it in the picture. Then I got home and realized I could view all of that when I imported my pictures. Oh well, I still like pencil and paper.

Today’s goal was how to get  a bokeh effect – blurred background – in pictures. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.


Then I set off to take some “fun” pictures keeping my camera off Auto!

Driftwood everywhere you look.

1-DSC_0599 1-DSC_0621 1-DSC_0587 1-DSC_0542

When I was setting up my practice driftwood, I saw a man teaching his daughter (I assume) how to tie her shoe. I thought it was such a sweet moment.

Something else I was supposed to work on was the use of lines to direct the audience where to look. Here are two that I think are pretty good use of eye line. What do you think?
1-DSC_0490 1-DSC_0582

Here are just a few others I snapped. 1-DSC_04981-DSC_0604 1-DSC_05241-DSC_05121-DSC_0540It is supposed to rain for the next few days (and by that I mean the next EIGHT days) so I am happy I was able to get out and enjoy the sun, run, have a beer with a girlfriend and play with my camera. Happy Saturday!



4 thoughts on “Silverdale Waterfront Park

  1. Those photos are gorgeous! I’d love to learn how to operate a fancy camera, or own one, haha. And I also got a little bit of a burn from the sun yesterday, so I totally get the pale-skin thing.

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