St. Patty’s Day Run

This weekend was bitter-sweet. On one hand, I had a really fun weekend. On the other hand, I really wish the hubby could have been here to have fun with me.

Saturday started bright and early driving down to Tacoma to run in the Bud Light St. Patty’s Day Run. We ended up getting to the starting line just as the 10k runners took off, but we all needed to go to the bathroom. We decided that the bathroom was more important. As we all finished up we heard “last call for 10k runners” and we took off… just our little group starting in our own little race. We even got cheered for since it was just us running. Kara and I decided to push ourselves just to see what happened. Neither of us had really trained nor had any real goals for the race.
RaceWe ended up finishing in 53:39 with a 8:39 pace. I came in 4 in my age group. Not bad for a race with no expectations.




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