A little bit of dog’s breakfast

My dad used to travel to England often for work when I was younger. “Dog’s breakfast” was an expression I remember him telling us about – meaning a bit of a mess; all over the place. This post is a bit of dog’s breakfast.

To add to that, I wrote this two days ago and forgot to publish it. So pretend it is Thursday…

After running the 10k last weekend, I was refocused and ready to tackle my week of running. Then I got sick. I’ve never be the type of person to get sick that often, but this makes #2 since moving to Washington. They tell me it’s the mold here and that just makes me cringe. On Tuesday I was feeling okay enough to try to run and I enjoyed the mountain views for 7 miles.
photoI still can’t get over the mountains here. Some days it’s hard to believe they are real and not just painted in the sky.

I’m loving getting to run near the water again, but I do wish it was on warm Charleston roads. I also think my running while taking a picture multitasking skills are getting pretty good 🙂
photo 2

I’m getting into my longer long runs now – today was 8 miles and I have 10 to run next week – so fueling is starting to become more important. I realized we don’t have a sporting good store close by so I hit up Amazon for energy gel. Two days later, 2,400 calories arrived at my door step. I’m a little sad because after I ordered the vanilla flavor I tried a chocolate one left over from my last 1/2 marathon. I knew I should never doubt good ol’ chocolate.
photo 2 (1) The weather today was crazy! I ran around 10am and it was sunny and 50 degrees. On my way home it started to hail. Then it was sleet. And then the sun came back out. It hailed again while I was at bible study. I maintain that Washington is the weirdest state of them all. I had to take a picture of the hail because I knew my husband would never believe me. photo 4

To end the most random post of all time… I wanted to share my fruit rainbow. Note to self: kids went crazy for fruit sticks and ate 99% of them before the adults had a chance.
photo 1 (1)


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