Run Happy


I had just come home from babysitting when I flipped the TV on from the comfort of my bed. I was planning on watching a little Boston Marathon coverage before taking a nap. However, something was wrong with Comcast (shocker) and all of channels were “not available” so I resorted to flipping through basic cable. That is when I saw the breaking news “Explosions at Boston Marathon”. It took me a minute to realize it was real; it couldn’t be true. I texted my mom to turn the news on and we both texted each other in shock. There was an explosion at the Super Bowl of running.

As I watched the news coverage, I cried. I think about how many races I’ve run and how many races my mom and husband have stood at the finish line waiting on me. The people affected were there in support of loved ones; there to watch someone else accomplish a goal.

For many runners, Boston is a goal. Since last year, I have started thinking more and more about running the Boston Marathon. I had literally just had a conversation with some friends about my chances of qualifying as we researched qualifying times and what pace that meant.  I had already decided that after finishing my first marathon in June, I would start training to qualify. Plans have not changed and if anything, I am more motivated than ever.

photo 1 (1)Yesterday, I set out for a run as many other runners did. In fact, I have never seen so many runners in Bremerton. I ran 14 miles, my longest run ever and I couldn’t help but think about the Boston Marathon every step of the way. It was the first beautiful day in a while and I was grateful for the ability to get out and do what I love.

“It may not be Boston-fast, but it [was] Boston-felt.” -Kate Markert

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3 thoughts on “Run Happy

  1. Awesome job on your longest run.
    It hurts so much to watch the news. It may take some time for the running community to heal, but when we do, we will be stronger than ever. Nothing can take our passion for running away from us.
    Stay safe. 🙂

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  3. I was beside myself too! I’m definitely never going to be boston fast but my husband and I were looking at the goal of next year’s Marine Corps Marathon in DC. Our plans changed from this year, but that was because I’ll be 6 weeks post baby delivery 🙂 Went out last weekend and completed my first half!

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