Boomer’s first hike & a long run

Every Sunday morning I pass a trail head on the way to church. I always forget about it until the next Sunday morning when I see it again and the cycle starts over again. Last week, I headed straight home, got Boomer and we set off to check out the trail. My husband and I went hiking a few times in NY and he has made it a goal to get into hiking. I’m much more of a lets-run-on-a-paved-road type of outdoorsmen, but it will make for a quality time together.

Boomer had never been on a hike before and he had so much fun. Here is the only picture I could get of him looking at me because he had no time to sit for a picture with all of those smells. photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1)

^Doesn’t that plant look like something from Jurassic Park?
photo 4We spent about 45 minutes on the trail before it started to rain, much to Boomer’s dismay. I can’t wait for the hubster to get home so we can go together.


I posted about my long run earlier this week, but I wanted to share this picture. You know you live in Washington and are basically translucent when you get a watch tan line after 2 hours of running on a sunny day.

photo 3I also got a new pair of running shoes. I was going to replace my pair of Brooks PureCadence, but they have cannibalized them with the PureCadence2. I will do a post about them later if anyone is interested. I have about 25 miles on them and have no complaints so far.


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