20 miles is hard

My view this afternoon: photo 3Ben & Jerry sure know what they are doing. Ben, Jerry and I had a date because I was celebrating my longest run of this training plan, my longest run E.V.E.R and my last long run before the RNR Seattle Marathon!!!! I still can’t believe I ran 20 miles. I am blessed with great friends who each took an hour of my run so I would have company for all 20 miles. Mile 20 was actually my fast mile, so I guess that is a good sign. May was a pretty good running month for me considering I didn’t feel like I was running that frequently.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 9.06.50 PMMy only concern one of my many concerns going into RNR is that I didn’t complete any runs alone. Even those short ones were with Boomer.

Other than running, I was gifted a monogramming machine. So now I am a monogramming machine. I’m Southern, what can I say?

I’m thinking about selling these monogorammed workout tanks. Would anyone be interested?


6 thoughts on “20 miles is hard

  1. I love the monogrammed tanks. I’d totally get one! Congratulations on your 20 miler! I’m just getting into marathon training again and attempting to fix the mistakes I made the first time around. I think the 2 biggest mistakes I made were: 1. Stretching too little, and 2. Running exclusively alone. Of course, we all know how we like to train and run but I think I probably would have done better if I’d mixed it up. A good balance between solo and group running is key, in my opinion! I’m sure you’ll do GREAT! Good luck with the rest of your training :]

    • I agree. I wish I would have done more solo running, but all my friends run together and I would have missed run group 🙂 haha

      I think yoga has saved my running life! It forces me to deep stretch a few times a week and my body loves it.

  2. So proud of you Ashleigh! That’s awesome!! Any friends running the marathon with you? The last time I read your blog you were talking about how 3 miles was tough 😉 so I am shocked at how fast you have improved! Great job and good luck with the half! PS- I’m jealous of your monogram machine

    • Thanks Bre! I’ve done distance running for about 1 1/2 years, but I came off an IT Band injury to start this training plan. I will be running this marathon solo, but all of my friends are running the 1/2. Well, I have a friend running the full, but her goal is 3:39 and I can’t keep up with that 🙂

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