A phone picture dumb of sorts

It has been a very busy few days! I am working on developing my photography skills by taking free pictures for all of my friends. I’ve been glued to my computer researching, learning Photoshop and editing away. It has been so much fun though.

11 days until my marathon! I got outside yesterday for a 4.5 mile run to enjoy the beautiful weather; it was the perfect running temperature. I have 8 miles on Friday and then I am basically done. I can’t believe I am actually doing this.

I totally forgot to tell everyone that whales were spotted (they passed right under the bridge above). I am so mad because I was right there in the morning and I spend a great deal of time at the park where they were first spotted, but I did not see them.

The only other things I got for you are Boomer doing downward dog in the middle of the street
photo 1 (1)Millie’s close up

photoand my new necklace that I bought at the store (where I was just going “to look”)

photo 2 (1)Hope you are having (or had for my east coast people) a great day!



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