14 Weeks

Now that we finally shared the news, it’s been a fun week of talking about baby! I’m still feeling pretty good despite a rough hour last night. I also think I had my first food aversion. I was feeling really sick so I tried to eat a chocolate chip granola bar which tasted like the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth (even though I’ve been living off of them lately). Other than that, I’m feeling great.

The Bumpdate: Tuesday morning I woke up and thought I looked really bloated. By the time I went to bed my stomach hadn’t gone down any. When the bloat baby was still around Wednesday I decided that I finally have something going on.


Workouts: I’ve been moving pretty good. During week 13 and 1 day – 14 I ran 8.1 miles and did a prenatal yoga DVD. I’m starting to notice that stuff is going on down there when I run, but I am determined to run throughout this pregnancy. Not only is it healthy for me, but I’ve read how good it is for the baby too.

I plan on making the hubby take a better “14 week” picture tomorrow, but he spent more time with his girlfriend (the sub) this past week than at home.


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