16 weeks

I know the pictures taken (usually just before the sun goes down because taking 1 picture every Friday is harder than you think and we often forget) in front of the house are beautiful, but this week you will just have to stand looking at a much prettier background. This weekend was one of those (fewer and further between) weekends when I loved living in Washington. Although it was mighty cold for this southern girl, the sun was shining, the sky was clear and Mt. Rainier was out in all her glory. I had a photo session with a family down at the water so I had the hubster meet me to do my own session.

So, here we are at 16 weeks and 1 day (because taking a picture on a Friday is harder than you think):


16weeks  This is the first week where I am actually feeling pregnant. My “bump” is getting more noticeable and weird things are happening to my belly button.  I’m still feeling great which is the biggest blessing of all. I hope that I can continue to enjoy being pregnant.

Saturday, the hubs and I drove down to Babies R Us because I had a coupon and wanted to get the baby something. It literally took an hour to get there so we decided to create our registry. The way I see it, what am I going to know in two months that I don’t know now? We spent over an hour going up and down every row looking at the countless options for every product. Did you know you can own a $200 thermometer if you felt it was necessary? I did find it is hard for me to be realist about items instead of pulling the “but baby needs the best of ____” card.

We spent Sunday afternoon putting together the beautiful crib – a Christmas gift from my parents. The baby’s room is all cleared out (expect for two furbabies who will make their move after my parent’s visit) and it is starting to look real. We now have a crib and a closet full of gifts we’ve already received. Oh, and diapers, but that’s a story for a different day.

After this weekend things are starting to feel really real. I was telling my husband that it is still hard to think of the baby as our baby coming in a few months. Right now it’s just the baby coming in a few months. I feel like that will change when I feel the baby flutter, which could be any day now (usually 16-25 weeks). I’m on high alert and will keep you posted.

About the Baby:
Baby weighs 3-5 oz and is 4-5 in long.
(S)he can probably hear voices and can also make facial expressions. The eyes are also working, but the eyelids are still sealed.
It would also be possible to find out the gender, but we will find out around 20 weeks.


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