History in the Making

“This could be one of those memories
we want to hold on to, cling to, one we can’t forget.
What if this was that moment
The chance worth taking
History in the Making.”

What a crazy weekend and one that will go down in history.  I was able to watch the #19 USC Gamecocks take down the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday  and celebrate Sunday with a successful Trot for Tots 5k.

U-S-C Goooo COCKS! The anxiety and excitement leading up to the game was indescribable. The week before, ESPN announced that the historic Horseshoe on USC’s campus would be the sight of “College GameDay” (and Erin Andrews – all the guys could talk about).

While many decided to camp out and watch the taping, I opted for sleep and watching the show from our tailgating spot. One of our favorite parts was when the camera would scan the crowd, showing all of the signs. Some of our favorites were:

“Win or lose, thank God I don’t go to Clemson”
“If Moses could part the Red Sea then Spurrier can part the Crimson Tide.”
and of course “LOL @ UGA”

It was clear it would be a tough game, but nobody knew what would happen.  Walking to the stadium, you could feel the excitement. The moment Sandstorm started, the stadium erupted – everyone was ready for an upset… and that is exactly what we got!

Although Alabama kicked a field goal on the opening drive, we answered back with a beautiful touchdown! From there, we could do no wrong! With less than 5 minutes on the clock and the ball in our hands, we knew we had done it… we had just beat the number one team in the nation.

Here is a video of the final TD!

Saturday was history. Not only did we defeat the # 1 school in the nation, be became only the second school in history to beat the #1 school in the 3 major men’s sports in one year.

Basketball – we upset Kentucky.
Baseball – we beat Arizona St. in the College World Series (which we later won!)
Football – upsetting Alabama.

Like one of my favorite t-shirts says,
“We’re not COCKY, we’re just that good!”

Check back for History in the Making Part 2 soon!