Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderful Memorial Day we had…

palmJust kidding. It was more like this…

But it was a good weekend nonetheless.

Friday started with a 12 mile run with my girlfriends followed by a pizza and wine girls night.
Saturday was for baby showering and Mary Kay partying.
I headed to church first thing Sunday morning and wrapped up the evening with a Navy family BBQ.
Yesterday, two of my fellow husband-less girlfriends went into the city to shop our blues away. This Memorial Day was a bit surreal since the hubby is deployed again. It gives these holidays a whole different meaning. Last year we were having a blast in NYC for Fleet Week not really thinking about the reality of Navy life.

The picture of the palm tree was taken in Hawaii. Man, I wish we were still there. Don’t you think a two year Hawaii shore tour would be the pits? Who would want to do that? [ME! ME! ME!] I’m already working on my husband to make this happen.

On the note of deployments, Hawaii and Memorial Day, the husband and I were lucky enough to visit the USS Arizona Memorial while we were in Hawaii. Being in Pearl Harbor really makes you stop and think about the sacrifices our service members made and continue to make. As we looked at the wall of names, we couldn’t help but notice all of the Ensigns (my husbands rank at the time) and that really hit close to home.  I am proud and also humbled to “serve” our country as a Navy wife.

Anyways, today is for recovering from a crazy busy (but oh-so-fun) weekend and running some energy out of Boom Boom.



“Epic” Beer Cake

I struggled with what to do for my husband’s homecoming. I, being a Susie Homemaker in training, wanted to go all out. Streamers, balloons, signs, American flags…
But then we found out he wouldn’t be home for very long and I felt like making a big deal out of this homecoming would be more of a slap in the face. “You will spend more time in a rack than your bed this year” didn’t seem like a very good sign.

So I decided I would make a basket full of his favorite things. Only problem, my husband is a simple man and loves queso, Japanese food and his bed. I got his entire family involved and they sent some of the best stuff. Thin Mints, Memphis BBQ sauce, Best Buy gift cards…
(I’ll tell on myself: I ate both boxes of Thin Mints and Goo Goo Clusters. It’s your own fault for sending a female with a deployed husband chocolate.)

One day I was poking around on Pinterest for a few minutes (said no one ever) and saw a ton of different diaper cakes. A cake made out of beer popped in my head and I knew I had a gem of an idea.


:: Ingredients ::
Beer. If this cake was for anyone else, I would have gotten a variety of beer. My husband (simple man) likes his Bud Light. I used 24 beers because let’s be honest – he was at sea for months… he only needed 1 to get a buzz on.
Curling Ribbon.
Crepe Paper Streamers. I found American Flag designs at the Dollar Store.
2 Small American Flags.
Poster Board.

:: Cooking Instructions ::

I can’t remember for sure, but I think there are 3 beers on the top layer, 7 beers in the middle, and 14 beers on the bottom layer. I just stacked each layer directly on the next. My original plan was to cut cardboard to place between each layer, but I didn’t want the cake to be huge and I also didn’t feel like trying to cut cardboard.

I stuck the two flags on top and surrounded them with curling ribbon. caketop

I wrapped the crepe paper around each layer and used double side tape to hold it in place.
I decided it needed something under the cake so I cut a circle out of poster board, wrote “Welcome Home” on it, and rebuilt the cake on top of the board.


He actually got home before I did so I couldn’t see his reaction, but I did receive this text:
epicI’ll consider that the male stamp of approval. I should also note that the best part of this cake is that is doesn’t go bad. Does beer go bad?

Now I just have to come up with something cool(er) for homecoming #2.


4 things


1. I’m finally getting on track with my marathon training. I attempted to do a flexible training plan, but I should have known better than to try a plan. I’m more of an increase my long run when it feels right kind of girl. I’m such a planner except for running – I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants in this arena. Maybe it is because planning for something in June with the military lifestyle is full on crazy. Hopefully my husband wont be coming or going on race day. Well, I guess it is okay if he is coming home on race day. Monday I got in 6.5 miles, 1 yesterday and another 6 today. I am running a 10k on Saturday so I will probably do a short run with Boomer on Friday.

2. Millie went to the spa and got to wear a bow for the first time ever. It lasted just long enough for me to snap a picture.

photo 43. After my run on Monday I was laying in the floor rolling out my legs when a man knocked on my door. My biggest fear in life is getting kidnaped so naturally I ducked behind the couch like any (almost) 24 year old would. I hid for two more knocks before the guy finally went away. About an hour later I saw the note on the door that I missed my flower delivery. Yep, the guy who came to kidnap me was actually a flower delivery guy.
photo 2I’ve never seen anything like this before, but it is cool because it will last way longer than cut flowers. Oh yea, they are from my husband. I guess I’ll keep him.

4. Boomer is getting much better on his runs! I let him set the pace on Tuesday’s run and guess what he decided on…. 8:27. We averaged 8:27! He came back home and took a nap. I’m not sure which is more amazing. I am so excited he likes to run and we are already talking about what hikes we can take him on.
photo 3

I lied. One more thing…

5. Deployment #1 is still going. And going, and going and going. After getting some not so great news, I was able to talk to my husband several times (woo hoo!). We are back to “black out” meaning nothing in and nothing out – no mail, phone calls, emails – but we are able to send family grams. Basically you get 10 – 50 words messages, but you send it knowing that anyone (and everyone if they deem it embarrassing) can read it. There are very strict guidelines about what you can’t say or your family gram will get rejected. Of course, we named our dog Boomer, a type of submarine, so I am always worried they are going to think I’m talking in code or something.




Getting through deployment #1

Time is starting to move faster now, but the end of this deployment still feels ages away. I’m trying to keep myself busy and I’ve been meeting a lot of new people. It’s so strange to think that when the hubby deployed we knew basically no body and now I am starting to hang out with the same group of girls quite often. The hubby will come home to a whole group of friends. Luckily, most of the girls’ husbands are also deployed so all they guys should be returning around the same time.

This deployment would be a lot easier if I could actually talk to my husband. Having no way to communicate with him is tough, but hopefully this will be the only deployment where we can’t talk. Usually subs allow email communication. It’s also strange that when he gets home, we will never be able to talk about what he did. I’m sure he will have to shut me down because it’s such a natural thing to ask what he did while he was gone.

Before the hubby left, he told me to think about what I wanted to do for our 1 year wedding anniversary (because, yep, he is missing that). I didn’t really have any ideas until everyone started talking about the Sub Ball; aka: Navy Prom but you are allowed to drink and don’t go home to your parent’s house after 😉 This year, the Sub Ball is in Seattle so I figure we can make a fun “staycation” out of it. I already booked our hotel (right on the water) and my mom and I will go dress shopping when my parents come next week. I typically go for short dresses since I am so short, but this is a very formal event. I am really excited to get dressed up and have a fun night.

Training is still going great. I had a tough long run on Friday, but my shake out run on Sunday was much better. I just did yoga tonight because my shoulders and back are still very sore from rock climbing on Saturday.

Plus, I got an arm workout today when I decided I didn’t need a man around to attack the overgrown bush outside. If anyone asks, I don’t know who cut the bush so weird.

The rest of my night looks like this: Biggest Loser + cuddle time with my furbabies.
photo 1

Crane pose goal

The night before the hubby deployed, we were laying in bed – he was trying to sleep and I was reading blogs. I came across a blog written by an Army wife that loves yoga. She was talking about how her husband came to yoga with her and was able to get into the Crane pose on the first night. I started to study the picture and the pose didn’t look too hard. I mean, what do I know? I go to yoga sometimes because they say it’s good for runners. I woke the hubby up and asked him if the pose looked hard and he said I could probably do it. This led to an impromptu yoga session in our room. I couldn’t even get my feet off the floor. The one time I got the guts up to attempt to push off I came .5 seconds from a face plant. Then the hubby got in the floor to try. He couldn’t do it either. Then we tried him holding my waist until I got both feet of the ground. Fail. We finally gave up and decided maybe the pose it a little harder than it looks.

I hadn’t really thought about it again until I decided to do P90X Yoga yesterday after my run. That stupid pose was on the DVD!!!! I got much closer yesterday, but I still can’t do it. The worst part is that my arms are so sore today from attempting it so many times. I’ve decided that is one of my goals for this deployment. I want to impress the hubster with my crane pose when he gets home. I know he will be so proud of me 🙂


We are in the “real” Navy now

IMG_6504 copy-001I’ve gone back and forth about blogging about my husband’s deployments during deployments. However, now that one is here I think it is something that I need to write about. This isn’t the first time he has been away during our relationship. After dating for about six months, he left for Officer Candidate School for four months. During the first 2 -3 months, we could only communicate via snail mail. It was hard to not speak to him, but I cherish those letters. I am sure the mailman is happy to have one less stalker.

A week after we got married, he left again for two months for more training. We were able to talk, email and Skype throughout the entire time apart.

Then I was spoiled and had him for 8 months with no fear of having to leave. Sure, rotating shift work stunk, but at least I got to see him.

Now I find myself in a new home, in a new city on the opposite side of the country with a deployed husband. This was so not the plan. I knew he was going to deploy often and without much notice, but gezz. Can’t a girl get settled into a new home first?

Anyways, I’ve done my crying and moping. Now it’s time to buckle down and kick deployment #1’s trash! (or something like that)

To keep myself busy I’ve started applying for jobs, signed up for a marathon in June, convinced my parents to come visit me next month (it was really hard to talk them into that 😉 ) and started taking a “Navy Spouse 101” course. After the first day I already have so many new resources and I kicked butt in the “guess the rank” game!

The good new is, I don’t have to plan real dinners (brown rice and sweet peas mixed together with tons of garlic powder anyone?) and I can go to the gym for as long as I want. I also don’t have to shave or wear makeup so it’s not all bad.

With Millie and Boomer, organizing the pantry (because yes, I did do that on a Friday night) and starting a life in Washington, the hubby should be home in no time.