Fashion and Fro-yo

I’m working on getting my RNR Seattle Marathon post done, but it will probably take me a while. Check back in a few months ūüėČ Here is a picture I took of Mt. Rainier during the race to hold you over. Maybe my time would have been better if I wasn’t texting my mom while running that Mt. Rainier was out.¬†

photo 1 (1)

I’ve been extremely busy lately, which has been a nice way to pass time during this deployment. The only downside is that I am spread a little thin and will have to figure out how my husband will fit in once he returns home.

I’m running a 1/2 on July 20th with a friend. I thought I wouldn’t want to run for weeks after the marathon, but I have full on runner’s high in a bad way. Another friend and I are already working on BQ training plans.

I am starting to teach cycling once a week at our local Y. My first class is next week!


I’ve started getting more request for pictures, which is amazing. I had a shoot today for my friend’s new boutique – I even had a few pictures of me snapped! [See my muscles? I think R.I.P.P.E.D is paying off.]
IMG_4624_edited-1 IMG_4651_edited-1

You would not believe how hot it is here! We had to be in the 90’s today. I know that doesn’t sound like much to my Southern peeps, but Washington didn’t invest in AC. We were so hot after the shoot that we were forced to have fro-yo to cool down. It’s a tough life.

Seeing as it is after 1am, I should probably go to bed now.


A phone picture dumb of sorts

It has been a very busy few days! I am working on developing my photography skills by taking free pictures for all of my friends. I’ve been glued to my computer researching, learning Photoshop and editing away. It has been so much fun though.

11 days until my marathon! I got outside yesterday for a 4.5 mile run to enjoy the beautiful weather; it was the perfect running temperature. I have 8 miles on Friday and then I am basically done. I can’t believe I am actually doing this.

I totally forgot to tell everyone that whales were spotted (they passed right under the bridge above). I am so mad because I was right there in the morning and I spend a great deal of time at the park where they were first spotted, but I did not see them.

The only other things I got for you are Boomer doing downward dog in the middle of the street
photo 1 (1)Millie’s close up

photoand my new necklace that I bought at the store (where I was just going “to look”)

photo 2 (1)Hope you are having (or had for my east coast people) a great day!


I do get to buy school supplies!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I learned about a program for military spouses called MyCAA. This program gives scholarships for spouses to use for certifications, classes and degrees that will lead to a portable career¬†since we don’t like to stay in one place very long. ¬†I have been talking about going back to school for a while now, but we honestly just can’t afford it until we move and I start working again. My undergrad degree is in business administration –¬†concentration¬†in marketing and human resource management – which was fun in college, but I quickly realized that those careers weren’t as awesome as I hoped,¬†especially¬†without a master’s degree. Are they ever? Marketing = sales and HR = telling people why their paycheck is correct and yes, the state mandated that garnishment. I did enjoy working in HR and was just starting to take on more (and fun – hello traveling for work!) responsibility when we moved. Bummer. When we found out about this program, I was thrilled for the opportunity and my husband was thrilled for his wallet.

You can’t use the money for grad school, so that dream is still on hold. I told my husband I would have my masters before we have kids so he may never let me go back to school ūüôā We still agreed to look into the program since I was starting to go stir crazy. My eyes lit up when I saw that MyCAA covered group¬†exercise¬†instructor¬†certifications. I have talked about doing this for a while, but the sheer cost¬†deferred¬†me. The test alone is over $200. So, after going through the [confusing] process, I am all approved and enrolled at the American College of Sports Medicine! MyCAA covers the cost in full for the books, webinars and the exam. All I have to pay for is my CPR certification, which is probably good to know anyway. I am so excited and nervous to take on this certification. I haven’t studied for an exam in a long time. While I don’t plan on making this a full-time career, it will be an awesome source of extra income. Get paid for working out? Sign me up.

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Loser Buys Dinner

It was another great weekend. Friday was a lazy night so we could watch the Opening Ceremony, which I personally did not care for. If Matt Lauer wasn’t giving the play-by-play I would have been lost. Bring back the drummers, please.

Saturday morning the pups got us up bright and early. No sleeping in at this house.

Since I had already planned on skipping my morning run, I worked with Boomer on commands. He is pretty good at sit. Well, Boomer selectively sits. He really likes to learn (read: he really likes treats) so I decided to move on to shake. It took him a few days, but we finally have it. The only problem is that shake is now the answer for everything. Want a treat and mom won’t take your hand?

Give Millie your paw, but make sure you put it on her head to get her attention.

After the nut jobs were done entertaining, we cleaned up and headed back to the track for another weekend of horse betting. Last weekend, the hubby and I kept our money together, but this weekend we decided to make things interesting. Each of us started the day with $10.00 and whoever came out ahead lost the least had to buy dinner.

On the last race of the day, I accidentally put my bet in wrong, but ended up winning… big time. And by big time I mean my $4 bet paid out $9.75. Big time for us. I enjoyed my free dinner ūüôā

Sunday morning, the hubby and I were glued to the TV watching cycling and swimming. Lunch time rolled around we both were craving Groucho’s. Since we weren’t feelin’ a 13 hour car ride, we decided to try Spring Street Deli downtown. It was a cute little deli and the food was great. New lunch time favorite!

Feeling inspired from the Olympics, we decided to take our bikes out for an evening ride on a new trail.

This trail ended up being just under 2 miles. Better than that horrible .5 mile “trail”, but we were still a little upset. After riding around a few neighbor streets to the race track and back, we were satisfied with our ride. Millie and I are back in front of the TV watching gymnastics (I really miss being able to tumble) while the boys snooze.

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DIY: No-slip Headbands


I love having fun accessories so I set out to make my own no-slip headband. Here is how I did it:

– – Supplies – –

Velvet Ribbon*
Fun Ribbon*
Elastic (3/8 inch)
Sewing Machine

* The size of the velvet ribbon will differ depending on the size of fun ribbon you pick.

– – What You Do – –

1. Cut the elastic to 6 1/2 inches long
Cut the fun ribbon to 16 inches long
Cut the velvet ribbon to 15 1/2 inches long

step 1

2. Stack the ribbons so the top of each is facing out and center the velvet ribbon so there is the same amount of excess fun ribbon on both sides.

step 2

3. On one end, fold the extra ribbon under so the fun ribbon becomes the same length as the velvet ribbon.

4. Slide the elastic between the two layers. Make sure it is centered.

steps 3 & 4

5. Back-stitch several times over the end to keep the elastic sturdy.

6. Sew all the way down one side, but leave enough room to flip the extra ribbon under.
(Note: I did not pin anything)

step 6

7. Repeat step 3 and 4 on the other end

8. Sew all the way down the remaining side

step 8

That’s all folks.

end result

one more time

Now go get sweaty!

success at the Firecracker 4

success at spinning

When it comes to workout gear, do you save or splurge?

Oven Corn on the Cob

We love this recipe because it’s easy, cheap and very good. Perfect for a summer evening.

– – What You Need – –
Corn (still in husk)
Old Bay
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

– – What You Do – –
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Place corn husk directly on oven rack and cook for 30 minutes
3. Remove husk and top with butter and Old Bay (or seasoning of your choice)

Slow Cookin’ BBQ Chicken

I was given a crockpot as an engagement gift and let me tell you, it is my favorite thing. Like, ever.  Seriously, all you have to do is throw in some ingredients, set a timer and forget about it. Hours later, dinner is served. Below is a recipe for BBQ chicken that is super easy and super yummy.

– – What you need – –
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 1/2 cups ketchup
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
– – Get to Mixin’ – –
1. Combine all ingredients (except the chicken) for sauce in slow cooker. Make sure they are mixed well.
2. Add chicken and coat with sauce
3. Cook on high for 3-4 hours
4. Shred chicken and put back in slow cooker so all pieces are coated. Keep on “keep warm” until ready to serve.
– – Eat Up – –
We eat the chicken on hamburger buns with baked potatoes and/or corn.
The best part is, we always have extra and it might be even better the next day.

Strong Legs Run: Update!

Now that finals are over, I have finally had the time to work on my blog! I have updated a few of the pages and have added a very special story on the “inspirational people” page. Hope you enjoy and happy exploring!

Beauty Still Remains,


It was a cold Atlanta morning (which did not help the fact that I was suffering from a sinus infection and bronchitis) but the 2009 Strong Legs Run for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was a huge success!

For those of you who don’t know, in 2007 I was admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for a spinal fusion to correct my scoliosis. During a five hour surgery, my spine was straightened and fused with the aid of two titanium rods. I made a full recovery and found a new passion in running.

When I signed up for the race, I decided to set a goal to raise $500 which would be donated to the not for profit hospital. I am happy to report that I was able to raise $502.50 with the help of very generous friends and family.¬† My team, which consisted of my mom, Justin P. (my roommate’s boyfriend), and myself were able to raise $793.50 for the hospital. I am very proud to know that I was able to give back to the hospital that had such a huge impact on my life.

The race was bright and early on November 14, 2009. I was excited to run the course since it wound through downtown Atlanta. The course started at Turner Field (Braves’ stadium), went under the Olympic Rings, through Georgia State’s campus, through residential streets, in front of the Capital building, back through GA State’s campus, and back to Turner Field. While it was a fun course, it was full of hills. Not just any hills, HUGE hills. I could not help but laugh when my part of the pack passed the mile three marker only to see a never ending hill and the man next to me sighed and dropped a few, um… choice words. I somehow managed to survive all the hills and I do not think I have ever been happier to see/cross a finish line in my entire life!

Although I was sick, I completed the 10k with a time of 51:13 and third in my age group.

I also want to mention how proud I am of my mom who completed her first 5k!

Right before the race!