Puppy Cast

We started our weekend with a Thai dinner with friends; a first for our family. The hubby and I both ordered pretty conservatively so I don’t think we will be giving recommendations any time soon.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a 12 mile run with some friends. Running is so much better with friends. I much prefer it to running alone, which is weird since I used to be the exact opposite. The day was absolutely gorgeous, so instead of the [husband] proclaimed “lay in bed and do nothing” day, we headed to the reject dog park (empty baseball fields at the park) so the dogs could play. Boomer had so much more fun playing fetch with his daddy. Apparently he throws the tennis ball better than me or something like that. Little does he know, we now own a Chuck It so fetch is about to get even more intense.

photo 1 (1)Even Millie got in on the action.
Disclaimer: This video is horrible, but it serves as proof that Millie does actually exercise sometimes.

Saturday night, we went to see The Great Gatsby and it was AWESOME. Our favorite part was how they updated the music, but left everything else true to the time period.

Sunday morning we headed to the early church service because we needed to get into the city for an afternoon baseball game.photo 2 (1)My brother was actually in town for a summer class so we treated him to dinner and gave him a quick tour of Pike Place Market.
photo 3 (1)

After taking Sunday off, I hit the gym for a good workout. I decided to treadmill run since the weather was going from raining to sunny every 5 minutes. 
photo 1 (2)

When I got home, I noticed Millie was limping. Luckily, the hubby got home right when I was on the phone with Banfield, so we rushed her to the vet. She was not very excited. 
photo 2 (2)

After messing with her paw, the vet decided they needed to put her under and remove the snagged dewclaw. If you remember correctly, she did the same thing in NY but the claw came all the way off. This time it was still hanging on which was actually worse than before. We left this sad little puppy behind so they could do the quick procedure. 
photo 3 (2)We came back to the most pathetic puppy who refused to walk on her leg. (She still wont put her leg down which makes going to the potty very funny) The vet got a good laugh at her for “thinking her leg is broken”. Millie is doing much better today and is getting tons of loving and treats.
photo 4

The hubby and I still need to decide if we are going to do surgery to permanently remove her dewclaws. Due to her age, the procedure will be more “intense” than when it is performed on puppies. It’s always something isn’t it?



Distance to my parents’ house: 2,756
Distance to Hawaii: 2,869
I knew coming to Washington was a good idea. We were lucky enough to spend a week in Honolulu following this deployment.  It was a much needed time to reconnect and escape before real-life started again.

4 things


1. I’m finally getting on track with my marathon training. I attempted to do a flexible training plan, but I should have known better than to try a plan. I’m more of an increase my long run when it feels right kind of girl. I’m such a planner except for running – I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants in this arena. Maybe it is because planning for something in June with the military lifestyle is full on crazy. Hopefully my husband wont be coming or going on race day. Well, I guess it is okay if he is coming home on race day. Monday I got in 6.5 miles, 1 yesterday and another 6 today. I am running a 10k on Saturday so I will probably do a short run with Boomer on Friday.

2. Millie went to the spa and got to wear a bow for the first time ever. It lasted just long enough for me to snap a picture.

photo 43. After my run on Monday I was laying in the floor rolling out my legs when a man knocked on my door. My biggest fear in life is getting kidnaped so naturally I ducked behind the couch like any (almost) 24 year old would. I hid for two more knocks before the guy finally went away. About an hour later I saw the note on the door that I missed my flower delivery. Yep, the guy who came to kidnap me was actually a flower delivery guy.
photo 2I’ve never seen anything like this before, but it is cool because it will last way longer than cut flowers. Oh yea, they are from my husband. I guess I’ll keep him.

4. Boomer is getting much better on his runs! I let him set the pace on Tuesday’s run and guess what he decided on…. 8:27. We averaged 8:27! He came back home and took a nap. I’m not sure which is more amazing. I am so excited he likes to run and we are already talking about what hikes we can take him on.
photo 3

I lied. One more thing…

5. Deployment #1 is still going. And going, and going and going. After getting some not so great news, I was able to talk to my husband several times (woo hoo!). We are back to “black out” meaning nothing in and nothing out – no mail, phone calls, emails – but we are able to send family grams. Basically you get 10 – 50 words messages, but you send it knowing that anyone (and everyone if they deem it embarrassing) can read it. There are very strict guidelines about what you can’t say or your family gram will get rejected. Of course, we named our dog Boomer, a type of submarine, so I am always worried they are going to think I’m talking in code or something.




Happy Anniversary!

Our first year of marriage was a whirl wind of craziness. Here are the highlights:

  • Hubby left after 1 week of marriage for training.
  • Decided to quit my job in South Carolina and move to New York with the hubby after living apart for two months.
  • Adopted Boomer.
  • Husband finished training and became nuclear qualified.
  • Packed up and drove to Washington.
  • Started our first deployment.
  • Celebrated our first wedding anniversary with my mom and dad 🙂 
    bfandgf nyseattlewedding
    Can’t wait for my boy to get home so we can celebrate!

9 months

Today is our 9 month wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it has already been that long, but such is life. It all moves way to fast.

Because I am still obsessed with weddings, (I’ve already started my daughter’s wedding binder. Just kidding. Kind of.) I frequent my wedding venue’s website. They recently updated their website… and I am now famous.

These three pictures are from our wedding day and I could not be more excited. It’s nice to know that my wedding was website-worthy! So big shout out to Roswell Founders Hall for a wonderful day and making me almost famous.

You can read more about our engagement and quick wedding here and here.

Call Me Maybe is so last week…

Have you heard Gangnam Style? I am seriously obsessed. I even watched a YouTube video to learn the dance. I can’t wait to show my hubby tonight – he is going to be so proud of me.

Check out this mother/son duo:

More importantly – have you checked out the lyrics?

A girl who is warm and humanle during the day
A classy girl who know how to enjoy the freedom of a cup of coffee
A girl whose heart gets hotter when night comes
A girl with that kind of twist

I’m a guy
A guy who is as warm as you during the day
A guy who one-shots his coffee before it even cools down
A guy whose heart bursts when night comes
That kind of guy

Beautiful, loveable
Yes you, hey, yes you, hey
Beautiful, loveable
Yes you, hey, yes you, hey
Now let’s go until the end

Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style
Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style
Oppa is Gangnam style

Eh- Sexy Lady, Oppa is Gangnam style
Eh- Sexy Lady oh oh oh oh
Read more: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/psy-gangnam-style-lyrics-english-romanized.html#ixzz29f1ekbMY

What a gem. I can’t wait to have kids so they can listen to Gangnam Style on the oldies station.