Running with Boomer

boomerLet me give you a quick recap as to why we own this character. When I finally got my husband on team having-a-dog-would-be-awesome, we were living in an apartment. We decided we should adopt an older dog on the smaller side since this would be our first pet together, we were both working full-time and the fact that we lived in an apartment.
We came home with a tired momma fresh off the streets, birth and getting fixed:
Millie adopted
While she did grow some hair and gain some weight, she was never much for activity unless it was searching the house for the perfect spot to sleep.

After loving on our sleepy little diva for a year, we decided we really wanted a dog to take out on hikes (all 2 of them we’ve completed) and I¬†desperately¬†wanted to dog to run with. The hubby did some research and he decided we needed to get a Brittany. And if you know anything about my husband, we owned a Brittany two days later.
baby boomerI was worried we had another sleepy, lazy dog on our hands. Ha! Famous last words.
I waited and waited; each birthday a month closer to the golden age of running. On his 9 month birthday, we went for our first run. He did a half mile and has loved to run ever since.

Since March, he has run 17.95 miles.

Reason I love to run with Boomer:
1. He is FAST. We have never run under an 8:40 mile together. It is a real slap in the face too when he is basically power walking next to me at a 8:30 pace. I want to attach my watch to him and see how fast he can get. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m telling you – this stinker could probably run a 7 minute mile.
2. He doesn’t cheat his workouts. There are two ways to get back to our house from where we run. Both ways involve huge hills. I make those an “active recovery” section of my run, but not Boomer. We run that too. I did tell my husband that it is nice to have someone drag me up those hills though. He also never thinks the runs are long enough, but I am trying to be smart about how far we go. His distance PR is 2 miles, but we will probably max out at a 5k.
3. He always wants to go. The best part about running with Boomer is that he never gives me excuses as to why we can’t run. He is always hydrated, never sore and doesn’t care that he doesn’t have any gels.
4. He truly loves it. I can’t help having fun when running with him.
5. Post run recovery means a nap. Which means at least 30 minutes of peace in our (1)

So, Boomer, it’s a good thing you’ve become my running partner. It spares you from the streets when you eat my sandwich, pull Skittles out of the trash can and steal my drift wood.


Boomer’s PR

I’m back in full on I LOVE RUNNING mode. This morning I had a great 5 mile run with two girlfriends at Lions Park.

I wish it was as sunny today as it is in the picture, but it isn’t raining so I’ll take it.

When I got home I decided today was the day… Boomer went for his first official run even though he prefers yoga.


Since Boomer is only 10 months old, we are going to hold off on distance for a while and work on rules. Today was just a test run to see what we need to work on and I must say, he did great. At first he started off way to fast – I guess he thought we were sprinting – but then he settled into a nice 8:39 pace. Other than switching sides, he did awesome and knocked out an easy 1/2 mile.


He came home and started blitzing so I guess Boomer has already caught the running fever too. I’m one happy momma! This also brought my total to 5.5 miles for today and with yoga tonight – I’m having a great fitness day!