Flea Market Fun

The weather in Washington has been crazy awesome the last few days. I’m finally out of the I-hate-rain-and-51-degrees coma that plagued me for weeks. I even have a racerback tan line from Friday’s 20 miler and I love it!

Today I ran a few errands. And by errands, I mean I went to my favorite store, Flea Market Chicks. I also went to the grocery store, but that isn’t very exciting.

photo 3I was on the hunt for photography props because I have my first photo shoot tomorrow! (I also have one on Saturday) I got exactly what I was looking for, but I am going to wait to show you. I also found an old map of the United States (for $2 what?!?!) that I want to frame and hang over the couch.

In exercise world, I took a 60 minute spinning class at the Y tonight. I am going to start working with the instructor to lead a few songs. That way, I can get some teaching under my belt and start teaching my own classes soon.

I’m getting really excited about my upcoming marathon! 17 days to go!!!
running friends


Getting through deployment #1

Time is starting to move faster now, but the end of this deployment still feels ages away. I’m trying to keep myself busy and I’ve been meeting a lot of new people. It’s so strange to think that when the hubby deployed we knew basically no body and now I am starting to hang out with the same group of girls quite often. The hubby will come home to a whole group of friends. Luckily, most of the girls’ husbands are also deployed so all they guys should be returning around the same time.

This deployment would be a lot easier if I could actually talk to my husband. Having no way to communicate with him is tough, but hopefully this will be the only deployment where we can’t talk. Usually subs allow email communication. It’s also strange that when he gets home, we will never be able to talk about what he did. I’m sure he will have to shut me down because it’s such a natural thing to ask what he did while he was gone.

Before the hubby left, he told me to think about what I wanted to do for our 1 year wedding anniversary (because, yep, he is missing that). I didn’t really have any ideas until everyone started talking about the Sub Ball; aka: Navy Prom but you are allowed to drink and don’t go home to your parent’s house after 😉 This year, the Sub Ball is in Seattle so I figure we can make a fun “staycation” out of it. I already booked our hotel (right on the water) and my mom and I will go dress shopping when my parents come next week. I typically go for short dresses since I am so short, but this is a very formal event. I am really excited to get dressed up and have a fun night.

Training is still going great. I had a tough long run on Friday, but my shake out run on Sunday was much better. I just did yoga tonight because my shoulders and back are still very sore from rock climbing on Saturday.

Plus, I got an arm workout today when I decided I didn’t need a man around to attack the overgrown bush outside. If anyone asks, I don’t know who cut the bush so weird.

The rest of my night looks like this: Biggest Loser + cuddle time with my furbabies.
photo 1

RNR Week 2

Week 2 of RNR Seattle training is complete! I am so happy that 3 miles is easy-ish once again.

Monday: Yoga followed by a 3 mile treadmill run. I was proud of myself for actually doing my run since it was 7:00pm and all I wanted to do was eat dinner. I was even tempted to grab fast food on base before I left, but I reminded myself of the healthy dinner waiting on me at home.
Tuesday: Off. Tied body and really just didn’t feel like working out.
Wednesday: 1 fast mile + yoga + 2 miles. I got to the gym a little early so I decided to go ahead and get one mile out of the way. Didn’t leave base without fast food. Oops.
Thursday: 30 minute bike ride.
Friday: 5 tough, painful miles outside. Pretty sure I ran through the ghetto, so I am going to actually plan a course for my next long run. However, the sun did come out so it was a good day.
Saturday: Indoor rock climbing with some new friends. My back is so sore!!! I’ve decided that the hubby and I are going to go there once a month for my upper body workout.
Sunday: 3 mile “recovery” run.

I realized I really need to get outside more. I’ve been avoiding the rain and cold for weeks, but you just can’t get the same run quality inside. I thought running with inclines would help, but outside kicked my butt.

The idea of running 26.2 miles still blows my mind and I’m not sure how I am going to make it. I saw this on Pinterest the other day and I’m thinking about plastering it all over the house:

Bringing you up to speed

Week one of marathon training is on the books. I skipped one of my runs, but it was for a good reason. My friend’s daughter turned 1 so I had to help celebrate. I had so much fun picking out her gift – mostly because it gave me an excuse to go in the baby section of Target. The party was fun, but I realized how much work kids are. It’s funny how differently I look at babies now that I am “of age”.

photo 1 (1)

On Friday, the sun came out. You can laugh, but I’ve realized this is a major life event here.

photo 1Even though I see these ships every time I leave my house, I still think they are really cool. You realize how huge carriers are when they sit behind a parking lot making cars look like toys. I couldn’t even get the entire ship in the picture.
photo 2

I found an American flag on sale so I grabbed it for our house. We already had the mount, so all I had to do was assemble the flag and put it up. However, if my husband asks, I had to hang over the edge with a drill to painstakingly put that flag up. Okay? 
photo 3 (1)

photo 3So…. I found this flyer in the gym for a self-paced month-long triathlon. It is my understanding that you keep a log of your runs, bike rides and swims until you complete the totals for each. I think I am going to do it, but the swim scares me. I know I’m not very good and I worry that I look like an idiot while I swim.

Funny husband story: The Navy requires different fitness tests. One being a swimming test. Makes sense. I just assumed that my husband sort of knew how to freestyle and that was how he completed the test. The boys were laughing about my hubby doing a backstroke for the test. Apparently, everyone thought he was joking around, but that is the only stoke he knows how to do. And he owned it. Can you picture everyone swimming in the pool and my husband doing the back stroke? That is why I love him. 

My dilemma is that I know I will run at least 26.2 miles in February and I can bike for my cross training days. However, 2.4 miles swimming is terrifying. I have a few more days to think about it, but I’m pretty certain I am going to do it.

I’ve also found a group of Navy wives that run so I am SUPER excited about that. We are going to run a St. Patty’s race together once we determine the distance (5k or 10k). I’m pulling for the 10k because it fits nicely in my training plan but the world doesn’t revolve around me. I’m still trying to figure out how to make that happen.

Crane pose goal

The night before the hubby deployed, we were laying in bed – he was trying to sleep and I was reading blogs. I came across a blog written by an Army wife that loves yoga. She was talking about how her husband came to yoga with her and was able to get into the Crane pose on the first night. I started to study the picture and the pose didn’t look too hard. I mean, what do I know? I go to yoga sometimes because they say it’s good for runners. I woke the hubby up and asked him if the pose looked hard and he said I could probably do it. This led to an impromptu yoga session in our room. I couldn’t even get my feet off the floor. The one time I got the guts up to attempt to push off I came .5 seconds from a face plant. Then the hubby got in the floor to try. He couldn’t do it either. Then we tried him holding my waist until I got both feet of the ground. Fail. We finally gave up and decided maybe the pose it a little harder than it looks.

I hadn’t really thought about it again until I decided to do P90X Yoga yesterday after my run. That stupid pose was on the DVD!!!! I got much closer yesterday, but I still can’t do it. The worst part is that my arms are so sore today from attempting it so many times. I’ve decided that is one of my goals for this deployment. I want to impress the hubster with my crane pose when he gets home. I know he will be so proud of me 🙂


Finally! The spark I needed.

I complain about the base gym. A LOT. It’s hot. It’s humid. The equipment is limited. It’s full of stinky boys. There are zero TV’s. It’s horrible. The only perk is that it cost us nothing so that was reason enough to like it.

Today, I walked into the gym and the front desk lady told me the best news ever. The renovation was over and I could use the main room.


There are approximately 1,518 treadmills, multiple stair climbers and ellipticals. It was a run day for me, so I found a treadmill near the window that looked cool.

photo 1-008This treadmill has a “coach” that will talk to you throughout your run, a bunch of different screens (or views) to pick from and had various workout modes. I chose to run “outside” for 3 miles. Throughout my run the incline would change slightly to mimic going up and down hills.  I decided to do level one today since I had never done it before, but I will bump it up a tad next time. My favorite part was the stats at the end of the workout.photo 2-008

I feel like I need to defend my pace since my walking cool down is included in that number. I wish it split out the workout and cool down. Still no TV’s, but instead of running with my face in a white wall, I can now look outside. Much better.

A spin bike caught my eye as I was leaving that I am going to try tomorrow. It had a huge screen between the handlebars that said “take a spin class”. I’m assuming there are programmed classes on the bike. I’ve very excited to try it tomorrow. The new equipment has me excited to workout – something I haven’t felt in a while. Oh, and it has AC which prevented getting sick like my last run. (Sorry mom, I’m not pregnant 😉 )

I ran to the NEX after my workout to grab a few supplies to make a kitchen “command” center. Having to run the household is making me a little stressed and I need one place to keep everything organized. The NEX had a whole section of local goods that were really neat.  I found my new favorite t-shirt in this section too. photo 3-007

photo 4-001

This little boy got him a tennis ball. I’m pretty sure I had a “mommy moment” yesterday. I was rolling my feet on MY ball – it’s the only tennis ball I have because somebody likes to destroy toys. Boomer wanted it so badly and in a moment of weakness I gave it to him. The ball has not left his sight since. I figured I’m not being that selfless since I have money to buy myself a ball and Boom Boom doesn’t.