Pill Popper?

I’ve decided to take on Fitness Cheerleader’s daily writing challenge for the month of September. She gives a prompt and I write. I figured this will help expand my writing so you don’t have to keep hearing about “being married to the military sucks right now” and “all I do is run”. Although both are slightly true. I am a little late to the game, so today’s post is a three in one special.

Day 1 Describe your pre and post workout routine.
Pre: procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate. Get dressed, put on my Nike+ GPS watch, eat something light (usually involves peanut butter) and load up my bag. In my bag: Body Glide, a hand towel, my iPod, water bottle/Poweraid, and my phone. Last thing I do is text someone where I am running and how long I expect it to take me.

Post: “I LOVE RUNNING!!!!” thoughts run through my head (pun intended). I usually call someone to tell them how my run went/text the person to let them know I am done. Lately, I’ve stopped by my gym to use their foam roller or I use my muscle toothbrush to work on my IT Band. Then I eat something to hold me through my shower and shower. I am pretty bad about not showering right away. We’ll just call it basking in my hard work.

Day 2 Share your thoughts and feelings about Lance Armstrong’s lifetime ban and loss of titles.
I really don’t have an opinion on this topic. In college, I took a NCAA compliance class and the professor talked about taking away titles from college teams. At the end of the day, does it change the fact that they won? As much as I can’t stand Cam Newton, even if they took away Auburn’s title, it doesn’t suddenly make USC the SEC Champs or UO the National Champs. I guess I have the same thoughts about Lance. He might not have the metals and the history books might be erased, but everyone still regards him as a great (maybe the greatest) athlete of our time.

Day 3 Do you take any vitamins or supplements? If so, which ones and why?
I pretend I do. I keep multi vitamins and Omega 3 fish oil in my kitchen, but usually forget to take them.
I have mixed emotions on vitamins. I think they are good for supplementing the body in areas it is lacking (like iron for me) but I also wonder what about all of the other stuff I don’t necessarily need. After all, you can overdose on vitamins! On the other hand, what if I could wake up not feeling tired just by popping a little pill? In the healthy living community, you always hear about different supplements and how they will aid your body, but I always go back to the fact that people have lived healthy and long lives without “magic pills” for ages. It’s kind of like my theory on face wash (mostly imposed by my grandmother). Back in the “good old days” there weren’t blackhead removing, wrinkle preventing, poor shrinking, etc washes. Instead, you used soap and water. My great-grandmother used soap and water until the day she died (in her late 90’s) and passed that tidbit onto her daughter. I have also taken this gem and only use Dove soap and water on my face. So, I feel like vitamins and supplements follow suit. If you go back to the basics – eat your fruit and vegetables (and red meat from time to time!) your body will not need the extras from a pill.

What are your thoughts?