Sunday I took my mom and grandmother to the famous Pike Place Market. It was such a nice day, but the market was crazy busy. I guess summer is going to be pretty busy here. DSC_2648_edited-1



Victoria BC

My mom and grandmother are in town so I can have someone collect my tired booty at the finish line this coming weekend. Saturday we went to Victoria B.C. which was quite the adventure. It started with a bright and early ferry ride across the border.
DSC_2293_edited-1Once we arrived in Canada, we headed straight to Butchart Gardens.

After spending a few hours walking around the gardens, we headed back to the downtown area to explore. We ate at The Flying Otter while watching seaplanes land and take off.

And before we knew it, it was time to catch the ferry home.

Fun Fact: We were the last ones off the last ferry of the day. That means we were the last to go through customs and the last people to cross into the US from Victoria on Saturday.

A phone picture dumb of sorts

It has been a very busy few days! I am working on developing my photography skills by taking free pictures for all of my friends. I’ve been glued to my computer researching, learning Photoshop and editing away. It has been so much fun though.

11 days until my marathon! I got outside yesterday for a 4.5 mile run to enjoy the beautiful weather; it was the perfect running temperature. I have 8 miles on Friday and then I am basically done. I can’t believe I am actually doing this.

I totally forgot to tell everyone that whales were spotted (they passed right under the bridge above). I am so mad because I was right there in the morning and I spend a great deal of time at the park where they were first spotted, but I did not see them.

The only other things I got for you are Boomer doing downward dog in the middle of the street
photo 1 (1)Millie’s close up

photoand my new necklace that I bought at the store (where I was just going “to look”)

photo 2 (1)Hope you are having (or had for my east coast people) a great day!


My first photo shoot

Here is a sneak peek from my first photo shoot. I definitely learned a lot about lighting and how hard working with three kids under 7 can be. I’m going to have to put my money where my mouth is and buy Photoshop – these pictures are just lacking that extra something as far as editing goes. DSC_1445 DSC_1528 DSC_1582

Flea Market Fun

The weather in Washington has been crazy awesome the last few days. I’m finally out of the I-hate-rain-and-51-degrees coma that plagued me for weeks. I even have a racerback tan line from Friday’s 20 miler and I love it!

Today I ran a few errands. And by errands, I mean I went to my favorite store, Flea Market Chicks. I also went to the grocery store, but that isn’t very exciting.

photo 3I was on the hunt for photography props because I have my first photo shoot tomorrow! (I also have one on Saturday) I got exactly what I was looking for, but I am going to wait to show you. I also found an old map of the United States (for $2 what?!?!) that I want to frame and hang over the couch.

In exercise world, I took a 60 minute spinning class at the Y tonight. I am going to start working with the instructor to lead a few songs. That way, I can get some teaching under my belt and start teaching my own classes soon.

I’m getting really excited about my upcoming marathon! 17 days to go!!!
running friends

Rain, Rain went away

I think I have Washington figured out. It rains and rains and rains so you really start to hate this place. Then, when you least expect it, the sun and mountains come out and you forget how much you hated this place. In fact, you fall crazy in love with it. Very sneaky.

This weekend’s adventures took me to the Olympic peninsula for a Officers’ Christian Fellowship Retreat. To get from our Peninsula (Kitsap) to the Olympic Peninsula, you cross the Hood Canal Bridge. This also happens to be the bridge that submarines pass through to get back to port.

As a bunch of Navy wives who never get to see our husband’s office, we were chatting about the probability of seeing one.  Just as we pulled up, lights started flashing and we thought we timed it just right. Unfortunately, we were stopped so tugs could pass, but it did give me to opportunity to get out of the car and snap this:


The retreat was focused on building successful and meaningful relationships with a focus on “finishing strong” in marriage. I can’t wait to go through the material with the hubs when he gets back from this deployment. Between sessions, we were able to take a short hike to this:

hayleyI love how this picture makes Hayley look so tiny. Nature is pretty cool.

Here are a few more from the day.

20 miles is hard

My view this afternoon: photo 3Ben & Jerry sure know what they are doing. Ben, Jerry and I had a date because I was celebrating my longest run of this training plan, my longest run E.V.E.R and my last long run before the RNR Seattle Marathon!!!! I still can’t believe I ran 20 miles. I am blessed with great friends who each took an hour of my run so I would have company for all 20 miles. Mile 20 was actually my fast mile, so I guess that is a good sign. May was a pretty good running month for me considering I didn’t feel like I was running that frequently.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 9.06.50 PMMy only concern one of my many concerns going into RNR is that I didn’t complete any runs alone. Even those short ones were with Boomer.

Other than running, I was gifted a monogramming machine. So now I am a monogramming machine. I’m Southern, what can I say?

I’m thinking about selling these monogorammed workout tanks. Would anyone be interested?

What do you think?

CameraMy husband and parents gifted me with a DSLR camera for Christmas since I always enjoyed taking pictures and also happened to be driving across the country for a Navy move. Since we arrived in Washington, my interest in photography has grown and I am trying to decide if this is something I really want to pursue. Here are a few of my favorite photos I’ve taken. What do you think? I know I would need/want a few more classes before I got started, but I am just curious if my raw talent is good enough to jump in feet first. boysinwater ferry gigi Hawaii Lionspark

Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderful Memorial Day we had…

palmJust kidding. It was more like this…

But it was a good weekend nonetheless.

Friday started with a 12 mile run with my girlfriends followed by a pizza and wine girls night.
Saturday was for baby showering and Mary Kay partying.
I headed to church first thing Sunday morning and wrapped up the evening with a Navy family BBQ.
Yesterday, two of my fellow husband-less girlfriends went into the city to shop our blues away. This Memorial Day was a bit surreal since the hubby is deployed again. It gives these holidays a whole different meaning. Last year we were having a blast in NYC for Fleet Week not really thinking about the reality of Navy life.

The picture of the palm tree was taken in Hawaii. Man, I wish we were still there. Don’t you think a two year Hawaii shore tour would be the pits? Who would want to do that? [ME! ME! ME!] I’m already working on my husband to make this happen.

On the note of deployments, Hawaii and Memorial Day, the husband and I were lucky enough to visit the USS Arizona Memorial while we were in Hawaii. Being in Pearl Harbor really makes you stop and think about the sacrifices our service members made and continue to make. As we looked at the wall of names, we couldn’t help but notice all of the Ensigns (my husbands rank at the time) and that really hit close to home.  I am proud and also humbled to “serve” our country as a Navy wife.

Anyways, today is for recovering from a crazy busy (but oh-so-fun) weekend and running some energy out of Boom Boom.


“Epic” Beer Cake

I struggled with what to do for my husband’s homecoming. I, being a Susie Homemaker in training, wanted to go all out. Streamers, balloons, signs, American flags…
But then we found out he wouldn’t be home for very long and I felt like making a big deal out of this homecoming would be more of a slap in the face. “You will spend more time in a rack than your bed this year” didn’t seem like a very good sign.

So I decided I would make a basket full of his favorite things. Only problem, my husband is a simple man and loves queso, Japanese food and his bed. I got his entire family involved and they sent some of the best stuff. Thin Mints, Memphis BBQ sauce, Best Buy gift cards…
(I’ll tell on myself: I ate both boxes of Thin Mints and Goo Goo Clusters. It’s your own fault for sending a female with a deployed husband chocolate.)

One day I was poking around on Pinterest for a few minutes (said no one ever) and saw a ton of different diaper cakes. A cake made out of beer popped in my head and I knew I had a gem of an idea.


:: Ingredients ::
Beer. If this cake was for anyone else, I would have gotten a variety of beer. My husband (simple man) likes his Bud Light. I used 24 beers because let’s be honest – he was at sea for months… he only needed 1 to get a buzz on.
Curling Ribbon.
Crepe Paper Streamers. I found American Flag designs at the Dollar Store.
2 Small American Flags.
Poster Board.

:: Cooking Instructions ::

I can’t remember for sure, but I think there are 3 beers on the top layer, 7 beers in the middle, and 14 beers on the bottom layer. I just stacked each layer directly on the next. My original plan was to cut cardboard to place between each layer, but I didn’t want the cake to be huge and I also didn’t feel like trying to cut cardboard.

I stuck the two flags on top and surrounded them with curling ribbon. caketop

I wrapped the crepe paper around each layer and used double side tape to hold it in place.
I decided it needed something under the cake so I cut a circle out of poster board, wrote “Welcome Home” on it, and rebuilt the cake on top of the board.


He actually got home before I did so I couldn’t see his reaction, but I did receive this text:
epicI’ll consider that the male stamp of approval. I should also note that the best part of this cake is that is doesn’t go bad. Does beer go bad?

Now I just have to come up with something cool(er) for homecoming #2.