18 miles is really far

I have about 1 month left before the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon and I’ve hit the part of training I was scared of – really, really long runs. Saturday called for an 18 miler, my longest run by 3 miles.

There is one thing I learned: 18 miles is really far.

I started around 6:30 in the morning (really early since I stayed up drinking wine and watching Parenthood with my husband) not because I had to beat the heat (that doesn’t exist in the PNW), but I wanted to be able to run, recover and still spend some time with my hubby.

At 8:00, I meet up with a group of friends, just as I was around 9 miles. It was perfect timing because I was getting tired and honestly a little bored. Apparently I was more tired than I thought because I never turned my iPod on once I got off the busy road (the first two miles of my run).

I did try to snap a few pictures of the mountains, but this is the best of my attempts.

photo 2

Anyways, I ran for another hour or so with my friends. We split up at 16 miles and I headed home, thinking I was going to time it perfectly to our doorstep. I ended up finishing about 1.5 miles from my house so I called my husband to come collect me.

After telling my husband how far 18 miles is he asked me if I had seen my outfit. Apparently he thinks matching is required, but I think it is more of a suggestion. I can’t help it if all of my most comfortable running stuff gives me an outfit Rainbow Brite would be proud of. I guess that is an excuse to buy a cute (and matching) race day outfit. I’m okay with that.

I actually had more negative splits that I thought I would.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 5.08.13 PM

The rest of the day was spent eating (cereal, fig newtons, nachos, coke, a soft pretzel, Japanese, crackers and cheese…) I told my husband post really long runs must be like having pregnancy cravings.

That afternoon, we headed down to a huge mall in Tukwila to walk around and have dinner. The rest of the night was spent with these two crazies.


Running with Boomer

boomerLet me give you a quick recap as to why we own this character. When I finally got my husband on team having-a-dog-would-be-awesome, we were living in an apartment. We decided we should adopt an older dog on the smaller side since this would be our first pet together, we were both working full-time and the fact that we lived in an apartment.
We came home with a tired momma fresh off the streets, birth and getting fixed:
Millie adopted
While she did grow some hair and gain some weight, she was never much for activity unless it was searching the house for the perfect spot to sleep.

After loving on our sleepy little diva for a year, we decided we really wanted a dog to take out on hikes (all 2 of them we’ve completed) and I desperately wanted to dog to run with. The hubby did some research and he decided we needed to get a Brittany. And if you know anything about my husband, we owned a Brittany two days later.
baby boomerI was worried we had another sleepy, lazy dog on our hands. Ha! Famous last words.
I waited and waited; each birthday a month closer to the golden age of running. On his 9 month birthday, we went for our first run. He did a half mile and has loved to run ever since.

Since March, he has run 17.95 miles.

Reason I love to run with Boomer:
1. He is FAST. We have never run under an 8:40 mile together. It is a real slap in the face too when he is basically power walking next to me at a 8:30 pace. I want to attach my watch to him and see how fast he can get. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m telling you – this stinker could probably run a 7 minute mile.
2. He doesn’t cheat his workouts. There are two ways to get back to our house from where we run. Both ways involve huge hills. I make those an “active recovery” section of my run, but not Boomer. We run that too. I did tell my husband that it is nice to have someone drag me up those hills though. He also never thinks the runs are long enough, but I am trying to be smart about how far we go. His distance PR is 2 miles, but we will probably max out at a 5k.
3. He always wants to go. The best part about running with Boomer is that he never gives me excuses as to why we can’t run. He is always hydrated, never sore and doesn’t care that he doesn’t have any gels.
4. He truly loves it. I can’t help having fun when running with him.
5. Post run recovery means a nap. Which means at least 30 minutes of peace in our household.photo (1)

So, Boomer, it’s a good thing you’ve become my running partner. It spares you from the streets when you eat my sandwich, pull Skittles out of the trash can and steal my drift wood.

Puppy Cast

We started our weekend with a Thai dinner with friends; a first for our family. The hubby and I both ordered pretty conservatively so I don’t think we will be giving recommendations any time soon.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a 12 mile run with some friends. Running is so much better with friends. I much prefer it to running alone, which is weird since I used to be the exact opposite. The day was absolutely gorgeous, so instead of the [husband] proclaimed “lay in bed and do nothing” day, we headed to the reject dog park (empty baseball fields at the park) so the dogs could play. Boomer had so much more fun playing fetch with his daddy. Apparently he throws the tennis ball better than me or something like that. Little does he know, we now own a Chuck It so fetch is about to get even more intense.

photo 1 (1)Even Millie got in on the action.
Disclaimer: This video is horrible, but it serves as proof that Millie does actually exercise sometimes.

Saturday night, we went to see The Great Gatsby and it was AWESOME. Our favorite part was how they updated the music, but left everything else true to the time period.

Sunday morning we headed to the early church service because we needed to get into the city for an afternoon baseball game.photo 2 (1)My brother was actually in town for a summer class so we treated him to dinner and gave him a quick tour of Pike Place Market.
photo 3 (1)

After taking Sunday off, I hit the gym for a good workout. I decided to treadmill run since the weather was going from raining to sunny every 5 minutes. 
photo 1 (2)

When I got home, I noticed Millie was limping. Luckily, the hubby got home right when I was on the phone with Banfield, so we rushed her to the vet. She was not very excited. 
photo 2 (2)

After messing with her paw, the vet decided they needed to put her under and remove the snagged dewclaw. If you remember correctly, she did the same thing in NY but the claw came all the way off. This time it was still hanging on which was actually worse than before. We left this sad little puppy behind so they could do the quick procedure. 
photo 3 (2)We came back to the most pathetic puppy who refused to walk on her leg. (She still wont put her leg down which makes going to the potty very funny) The vet got a good laugh at her for “thinking her leg is broken”. Millie is doing much better today and is getting tons of loving and treats.
photo 4

The hubby and I still need to decide if we are going to do surgery to permanently remove her dewclaws. Due to her age, the procedure will be more “intense” than when it is performed on puppies. It’s always something isn’t it?

Catching Up

It’s been a while. I would say life is crazy right now, but it seems like this is just the new norm.

The hubs is still deployed, but I’ve been busy babysitting, getting plugged into our community and I am now a sub for group fitness classes at the two local YMCA’s.

Let’s see what has been going on…

I turned 24 on April 11. I ended up having a good day even though my husband was gone. Not like it really matters… in our three years together he has never been home for my birthday. He is always home for his birthday though. Funny how that works, huh? The only thing that makes me feel better is that all three years he has been away for Navy stuff so I know he isn’t having fun without me.

The ladies at Bible Study got me the wine and submarine wine tags. They also got me chocolate, but I ate that before the picture. The center flowers are from the hubs and the far right flowers are from a family friend.

photo 1

I ran a 10k. Placed 2nd in my age group (I think I was 5th overall female) with a time of 49:46

Dolphin Dash

Millie’s dreams came true.

photo 2

One of those moments where you just throw your hands up and say “dinner is served”. 
photo 3

I’ve also been able to get some good shots of Bremerton since the sun moved into town. Here are a few from Lions Park in East Bremerton.

Lions ParkDSC_0897


Boomer’s first hike & a long run

Every Sunday morning I pass a trail head on the way to church. I always forget about it until the next Sunday morning when I see it again and the cycle starts over again. Last week, I headed straight home, got Boomer and we set off to check out the trail. My husband and I went hiking a few times in NY and he has made it a goal to get into hiking. I’m much more of a lets-run-on-a-paved-road type of outdoorsmen, but it will make for a quality time together.

Boomer had never been on a hike before and he had so much fun. Here is the only picture I could get of him looking at me because he had no time to sit for a picture with all of those smells. photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1)

^Doesn’t that plant look like something from Jurassic Park?
photo 4We spent about 45 minutes on the trail before it started to rain, much to Boomer’s dismay. I can’t wait for the hubster to get home so we can go together.


I posted about my long run earlier this week, but I wanted to share this picture. You know you live in Washington and are basically translucent when you get a watch tan line after 2 hours of running on a sunny day.

photo 3I also got a new pair of running shoes. I was going to replace my pair of Brooks PureCadence, but they have cannibalized them with the PureCadence2. I will do a post about them later if anyone is interested. I have about 25 miles on them and have no complaints so far.

Run Happy


I had just come home from babysitting when I flipped the TV on from the comfort of my bed. I was planning on watching a little Boston Marathon coverage before taking a nap. However, something was wrong with Comcast (shocker) and all of channels were “not available” so I resorted to flipping through basic cable. That is when I saw the breaking news “Explosions at Boston Marathon”. It took me a minute to realize it was real; it couldn’t be true. I texted my mom to turn the news on and we both texted each other in shock. There was an explosion at the Super Bowl of running.

As I watched the news coverage, I cried. I think about how many races I’ve run and how many races my mom and husband have stood at the finish line waiting on me. The people affected were there in support of loved ones; there to watch someone else accomplish a goal.

For many runners, Boston is a goal. Since last year, I have started thinking more and more about running the Boston Marathon. I had literally just had a conversation with some friends about my chances of qualifying as we researched qualifying times and what pace that meant.  I had already decided that after finishing my first marathon in June, I would start training to qualify. Plans have not changed and if anything, I am more motivated than ever.

photo 1 (1)Yesterday, I set out for a run as many other runners did. In fact, I have never seen so many runners in Bremerton. I ran 14 miles, my longest run ever and I couldn’t help but think about the Boston Marathon every step of the way. It was the first beautiful day in a while and I was grateful for the ability to get out and do what I love.

“It may not be Boston-fast, but it [was] Boston-felt.” -Kate Markert

photo 1 photo 2 (1)


Now you see it, now you don’t

Something that I love about where we live is the mountains. The crazy part about them is that some days you wouldn’t even know they were there. A few days later, the clouds burn off and SURPRISE!!! you are surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Here are two pictures I took from the space needle. The first one was on a cloudy day and the second one was a sunny day. no mtmt

Isn’t that cool?

I did it!

photo (1)Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The beginning was a little rough…

I checked the weather before leaving and it said 50 degrees with a high of 65, but it felt cool. I decided on pants and a long sleeve. Luckily I threw a short sleeve shirt in my bag as I headed out the door because 3 miles in I was in the backseat of my car changing. I headed back to the main road on base but quickly realized I was either going to find a bathroom or wet my pants. After awkwardly running around base trying to find a bathroom (note: no bathroom at the gas station or mini mart) I went back to where I parked and used the Commissary bathroom. I thought I saw a different way to get back to the main road, but there wasn’t a sidewalk and I like to abide by the rules when on base (correction – my husband has me scared to do anything “wrong”). Back I went up towards the Commissary (by this point I’ve awkwardly walked around looking for a sidewalk while pouring sweat) when a group of Marines walked by.

“Good Afternoon, ma’am”

I wanted to respond “I know I look like an idiot, but all I need is a sidewalk so I can run… 10 miles by the way!”

I settled for “hello” and kept walking.

Finally I got back on the road and finished out my run. The entire run I thought I wasn’t doing that great, but I finished my last mile pretty strong. That has to be a good sign that I still had something left in the tank.